PAIGHPan American Institute of Geography and History
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Fred Thorpe, Chief of the History Division at the Canadian Museum of Civilization (then the Museum of Man) organized a meeting of the PAIGH History Commission in Quebec City.
I had a vague idea of the Commissions that were part of the PAIGH.
Moreover, PAIGH has encouraged and given impetus to several initiatives that have strengthened internaitonal cooperation.
It is always the intention of the PAIGH and its Cartography Commission to reinforce individual developments and at the same time to encourage new projects and agreements oriented to achieving benefits at regional level.
At the second MGA meeting, held in Santiago, Chile in 2006, Ecuador's President of the Ecuadorian National Section of the PAIGH Cartography Commission volunteered his agency to assume the responsibility of undertaking the survey, with Monica Duque, lnformation Systems Specialist, taking the lead.
Increase cooperation between the member countries of PAIGH.
Various PAIGH members states were represented by professional and academic figures at this important international event, in this way enabling contacts to be made and strengthened to become significant links for cooperation between these countries and with the rest of the world.
This edition of the Cartographic Journal celebrates eighty years of the PAIGH and places at the disposal of the pan-american community interesting articles in which many of the issues and themes of cartography will be found, treated in a disciplined, scientific manner.
About 22 years ago, representatives of several PAIGH member nations met in Panama to discuss how important geographic names were to programs involving geography and maps.
Known as the Inter American Geodetic Survey (IAGS), it followed the creation in 1941 of another PAIGH element, the Cartography Commission.
PAIGH (International) University of Southern Mississippi (Academic) University of New Hampshire (Academic) University of Mississippi (Academic) Office of Naval Research International Field Office (Gov) Naval Oceanographic Office (Gov)
Although, the Colombian presence anywhere in the world increases day with day, the cartographic scope does not escape to it, is possible to mention that during year 2001 important meetings of international character were made, among them the International Symposium on Vertical Reference Systems, the V Conference on Global Spatial Data Infrastructure, as well as the Consulting Meeting of the Commission of Cartography of the PAIGH, in which was chosen this country to chair this Commission through Dr.