PAIIProfessional Association of Innkeepers International
PAIIPlasma Angiotensin II (biochemistry)
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The gentleman that created and produced the video promoting the PAII annual event in Little Rock was invited to do an educational session on creative ways to stimulate association membership attendance.
Other recommended training includes workshops, available through organizations like PAII (P.
Fergusson continued, "We see the opportunity to leverage the skills and experience of other Prudential investment units to complement and, where appropriate, contribute to the activities of PAII.
If you are not currently on the PAII updates list please send in your email to info@patchenergy.
David Stadnyk, President of PAII said, "Having recently returned from a trip to visit the management of Pharmaxis and to tour the company's facilities in Australia, we could not be more confident in our pharmaceutical investment.
PAII is participating for a 25% working interest in the project.
PAII will be monitoring the sites closely as the operator progresses and will continue to provide updates to the investment community as they receive progress reports from the projects.
Commenting on PAII's North American strategy following this success, PAII President and CEO, David Stadnyk said,
Commenting on the success, PAII President and CEO, David Stadnyk said,
OTC BB: PAII) is pleased to announce that the potential multi-well prospect located in the world-class oil and gas field in Alberta, Canada that PAII spudded on June 3, 2005 has successfully been drilled to a total depth of 1939 TVD meters.
com conducted a feature online interview with CEO David Stadnyk of PAII.
The operator has informed PAII that operations are continuing to progress very smoothly as planned, and that they are receiving both oil and gas shows from the upper zones.