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PAILPalo Alto to Infinite Loop (Apple's autonomous shuttle)
PAILProcedural Aspects of International Law Institute
PAILPan Arctic Inuit Logistics Corporation (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
PAILPuncture, Abrasion, Incision, Laceration (types of skin wounds)
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He emptied the pail with the wide thirst of the sweating ploughman, returned it to me, and started up the plough.
When, having obtained permission, she walked to the water pail in the corner and drank from the dipper, unseen forces dragged Seesaw from his seat to go and drink after her.
I think you had better stand by the pail for five minutes, Rebecca; it may help you to control your thirst.
She to stand in the corner by the water pail and be stared at by all the scholars
Tod descended safely from the chair, and endeavoured to get up again with the pail of water.
Tod and the pail descended from the chair without accident.
To my thinking," said the dairyman, rising suddenly from a cow he had just finished off, snatching up his three-legged stool in one hand and the pail in the other, and moving on to the next hard-yielder in his vicinity; "to my thinking, the cows don't gie down their milk today as usual.
After Tess had settled down to her cow there was for a time no talk in the barton, and not a sound interfered with the purr of the milk-jets into the numerous pails, except a momentary exclamation to one or other of the beast requesting her to turn round or stand still.
The good-looking young woman came into the outer room with the full pails dragging at her shoulders.
Leaving the pails standing in the trail, he walked up and down, rapidly, to keep from freezing, for the frost bit into the flesh like fire.
Then the men took some pails and went into the forest to search for a spring of water, and while they were gone Aunt Em said to Dorothy:
There might have been another unpleasant quarrel between Aunt Em and Billina had not the men returned just then with their pails filled with clear, sparkling water.