PAIMPolska Agencja Imprez Masowych (Polish: Polish Agency for Mass Events; Poland)
PAIMProduct Assurance Integration Manager
PAIMProcess, Architecture & Information Management
PAIMProactive Identification Model
PAIMPacific Alliance International Marketing Ltd. (Canada)
PAIMPentathlon Aeronautique International Militaire
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The company successfully developed the rich placer free-gold site at Binasan where the Higaonon Indigenous Tribes are now working harmoniously together for further development of the site under the guidance of PAIM, which receives a 4% share of the gold harvest.
PAIM entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to formalize the proposed role of Austin and Clare Aslan from the United States as environmental consultants in furtherance of ZNext's mission to engage in environmentally sound practices while contributing to a sustainable local economy, key elements of ethical and responsible gold mining at the Binasan and all other future gold projects.
Based on these initial results and further evaluation of the site, PAIM has terminated this venture.
GANGO GOLD RUSH-Bukidnon: The joint participation efforts between Pearl Asian's Golden Dream Team and OROGAPCO's local small scale operators, a common livelihood in Gango, Bukidnon, have brought significant enhancements for PAIM to start processing, producing and expanding.
This finalizes one of the last requirements in order to complete the up listing of PAIM to a higher exchange.
The performance- and revenue-oriented with no-nonsense work ethics management style of CEO Jason Piamonte had replaced the former management of PAIM with a more dedicated, committed, honest and loyal Golden Dream Team
As soon as our Transfer Agent receives all the CD's for conversion, the new public float for our common share PAIM will increase by about 1.
The Board of Directors of Pearl Asian Mining Industries has resolved to effect these final changes so that our company's objective to list both PAIM and PAIIP in a higher exchange will be accomplished in a timely manner.
It was also informed that somehow a mysterious Marian Arroyo Escudero has been sending e-mails and messages to PAIM employees and various shareholders with false allegations against PAIM and posting derogatory information to undermine the integrity of Pearl Asian Mining.
Pearl Asian Mining - PAIM continues to rehabilitate the tunnels simultaneously while the 50 metric tons of gold processing plant is being built and re-furbished as targeted," quoted by President of Mindanao Operations, Manolo Tecson.
Ecocide in the USSR: Health and Nature under Siege (New York: Basic Books, 1992); Murray Feshbach, editor-in-chief, Environmental and Health Atlas of Russia (Moscow: Paims Publishing House, 1995).
Environmental and Health Atlas of Russia / edited by Murray Feshbach, PAIMS Publishing House, 1995.