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PAIMIProtection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness
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In certain circumstances, Congress may abrogate a State's sovereign immunity through appropriate legislation, but it did not do so in the DD and PAIMI Acts.
the refusal to provide the requested records to VOPA in violation of the DD and PAIMI Acts, and whether the relief sought could be characterized as prospective in nature.
Pursuant to the PAIMI Act, IPAS requested the records of two patients during an investigation into allegations of abuse and neglect at a state-operated psychiatric hospital.
(34) The Virginia Office for Protection and Advocacy (VOPA), an independent state agency created under the PAIMI Act, sued three Virginia state officials in federal court, seeking injunctive relief to gain access to patient records pursuant to federal law.
(41) The regulations clarifying these requirements are in place "to provide a voice for individuals with developmental disabilities." (42) Under PAIMI, the chair and sixty percent of the members of the advisory council must be "individuals who have received or are receiving mental health services or who are family members of such individuals." (43) Both PADD and PAIMI regulations require that the public be given the opportunity to review and comment on the decisions made by a P&A's governing authority and council.
In response, OPA filed a federal law suit under [section] 1983 and PAIMI. The Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, which runs the two hospitals, argued that PAIMI's requirement to produce "all records of any individual" is ambiguous--it could mean records belonging to the person, or records that have to do with the person's treatment--and should be resolved in the state's favor.
coordinate the protection and advocacy program with the advocacy programs under CAP, the State long-term care ombudsman program, the PADD program, and the PAIMI program;
Congress created the Protection and Advocacy for Individual Rights (PAIR) program in 1993 to afford services to those individuals with disabilities who were not eligible for PADD or PAIMI services.
11 Beacon Street, Ste 925 Boston, MA 02108 617-723-8455 (Voice/TDD) 617-723-9125 (fax) * PAIMI Center for Public Representation 22 Green St.
925 Boston, MA 02108 (617) 723-8455 (voice/TDD) (617) 723-9125 (fax) ?? PAIMI Center for Public Representation 22 Green St.
These two programs join two other programs - Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness (PAIMI) and the Client Assistance Program (CAP) - to complete the entire P&A System.