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PAINTPromoter Analysis and Interaction Network (computational biology)
PAINTPenny-Arcade Internet Notification Tool (Penny-Arcade Web Comics)
PAINTProtocol for Aberration Identification and Nomenclature Terminology (mutation research)
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No man must presume to think that he can paint your ideal.
Suppose I get acquainted with her in spite of you, and find that she very much wishes to be painted?"
"No," he said, "we'll take the matter of the paint first.
Having settled the question of the paint, Sergeant Cuff, from that moment, gave his brother-officer up as a bad job-- and addressed himself to Mr.
They quartered him in a room on the ground floor, where in place of leather hangings there were pieces of painted serge such as they commonly use in villages.
"I'll lay a bet," said Sancho, "that before long there won't be a tavern, roadside inn, hostelry, or barber's shop where the story of our doings won't be painted up; but I'd like it painted by the hand of a better painter than painted these."
"Boiling oil," said she, with a flush of honest shame, "and a shillingsworth o' paint."
"The difficulty," she said, "is not to paint pictures, but to get frames for them." A home thrust this.
Having thus no portraits of other people to paint, what is it my duty, as a neglected artist, to do next?
His joy was at its height on that day when called upon to share the secret of Cropoli the younger, and to paint the famous sign.
'I took the old hall once on a moonlight night, and I suppose I must take it again on a snowy winter's day, and then again on a dark cloudy evening; for I really have nothing else to paint. I have been told that you have a fine view of the sea somewhere in the neighbourhood.
We carve and paint, or we behold what is carved and painted, as students of the mystery of Form.