PAIPParadigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming
PAIPPersonal Automobile Insurance Plan (New Jersey)
PAIPPerformance Assurance Implementation Plan
PAIPProduct Assurance Implementation Plan
PAIPPost Acquisition Improvement Program (military family housing)
PAIPPost Accident Incident Plan (Flight For Life)
PAIPPublic Affairs and Information Program
PAIPPlay Area Improvement Programme (UK)
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Partner Abuse Intervention Programs (PAIPs) must develop standards that participants must meet in order to complete the program.
For more information or assistance, consumers can call PAIP's Customer Services Centre at 09-5739999.
PAIP I's geographical reach covered the entire continent.
Kingdom Holding Company (KHC) said its unit Kingdom Zephyr Africa Management II (KZAM) has successfully raised $325 million for the second Kingdom Zephyr fund (PAIP II) after the astounding success of the first fund (PAIP I).
For earlier periods (and therefore at the time of PPLS1, one should refer to the Prefectural Commission on Population and Human Resources (Commission Prefectorale de la Population et des Ressources Humaines or CPPRH) (see footnote 29) HCPRH: High Councilrnmittee on Population and Human Resources (Haut Conseilmite de la Population et des Ressources Humaines) PAIP: Program for Priority Actions and Investments (Programme d'Action et d'Investissement prioritaire en matiere de Population)
He said the allocation involved 14 Orang Asli settlements in five districts in the state, involving repair and water supply connection cost, water bill subsidies and financial assistance to Pengurusan Air Pahang Berhad (PAIP).
DES ESPAI PAIP R TO DELIGHT Little Brody hooked up to machines before his operation and, above, now he's home
Furthermore, the failure of the high-level population commission to meet and approve the plan of action and priority investments for population (PAIP) was an important cause of delay in the population component and an indicator of lack of Government commitment.
'The project which commences in October last year involves the construction of a 11.5-kilometre stretch from the Gambang 3 water supply project area owned by Pahang Water Management Berhad (PAIP) and to the Gambang R and R stopover.