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PAITPercutaneous Acetic Acid Injection Therapy (cancer)
PAITParanormal Activity Investigation Team (Texas)
PAITProfit After Interest and Tax
PAITProgram Analysis and Integration Team
PAITPraise Allah It's Thursday
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According to Pait, the clenched fist has become a universal symbol for resistance, from the civil rights movement in the United States to the First Quarter Storm in 1970s Philippines.
In an interview, Pait explained that the facade of the museum was inspired by a clenched fist, most apt for a museum to rise within the UP Diliman campus, where the series of demonstrations against the Marcos dictatorship escalated into the First Quarter Storm during the 1970s.
The principal house is Pait Lodge, which dates from the 19th century, while there are three more cottages, one of which is home to the head stalker - who has been employed at the estate for almost 40 years - and housekeeper, two game larders and further estate buildings.
Although there is a need for better integration of Bornean history with other areas of Southeast Asia, it now appears that the metaphorical Hindu-Buddhist elephant in the Bornean historical room is gradually becoming better recognized locally and also internationally, as with the important Batu Pait inscriptions (Skilling 2014, 2015).
These are famous with names such as Vani, Sawara, Pait likkhi, Addo Baddo.
According to official sources those arrested included NSCN (K) self styled revenue secretary and intelligence of Lohit district Hongloan Lowakhao alias Paul along with four of his accomplices, namely Biswanath Pait, Chow Pintina Choupoo, Chow Sultana Munglang and Faki Wangsa.
See SARA PAIT, The Microfinanee Sector in Peru: Opportunities, Challenges and Empowerment with Gender Mainstreaming 2 (WEMAN Programme Mar.
Leominster: Alexander Heroux, Kylee Pait, Amanda Robichaud and Max Caputi
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