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PAITPercutaneous Acetic Acid Injection Therapy (cancer)
PAITParanormal Activity Investigation Team (Texas)
PAITProfit After Interest and Tax
PAITProgram Analysis and Integration Team
PAITPraise Allah It's Thursday
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Although there is a need for better integration of Bornean history with other areas of Southeast Asia, it now appears that the metaphorical Hindu-Buddhist elephant in the Bornean historical room is gradually becoming better recognized locally and also internationally, as with the important Batu Pait inscriptions (Skilling 2014, 2015).
Alerted by extortion notices served by the NSCN (K), Diyun police led by police station OC inspector P Kalita laid a trap and arrested Pait, an NSCN (K) linkman in Modai village on December 20 before the Lohit police and Assam Regiment personnel joined to conduct a joint operation in Namsai (Lohit district) and Diyun (Changlang district) areas on Friday which resulted in the arrest and recovery.
Add the often dramatic increases in numbers of dental hygienists and in hygienist-to-population and -to-dentist ratios, and dental hygiene has become an increasingly essential, cost-effective and integral pait of the health care delivery system.
See SARA PAIT, The Microfinanee Sector in Peru: Opportunities, Challenges and Empowerment with Gender Mainstreaming 2 (WEMAN Programme Mar.
Leominster: Alexander Heroux, Kylee Pait, Amanda Robichaud and Max Caputi
Glasgow Uni - Saltrese, Purdie, Pait, Alexander, Rammage, Strangeways, Kirk, Small, Forrest, McNiven, Finlayson.
This week's winner is Heloisa Pait, who reflected on Liel Leibovitz' takedown of Roger Waters' The Wall concert: "The best thing about adolescence is that, soon or later, it ends.
Rozlyn strikes a pose in a pait of teenyweeny satin blue thongs, captioned " Topless for Dhoni and his men".
I expressed my concern that it indicated that he was a pait of Homeland Security.
Steve Pait, who suffered POW training and was taught
Igualmente hay que subrayar la regulacion de los llamados PAIT, es decir los "puntos de asesoramiento e inicio de tramitacion" que pueden contribuir mucho al objetivo de simplificar y flexibilizar la constitucion de la SLNE y que se regulan en el apartado 5 de esta adicional: