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PAIXPalo Alto Internet Exchange (Palo Alto, CA peering facility)
PAIXPeering and Internet Exchange (various locations)
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Network-neutral data centre and Internet exchange services provider Switch and Data (Nasdaq:SDXC) announced on Tuesday the launch of its newest PAIX Internet exchange in its 151 Front St.
PAIX also offers its customer ISPs a choice of telecommunications suppliers, giving them the freedom to negotiate favorable terms.
Switch and Data's PAIX Palo Alto site was the world's first commercial Internet exchange and has long been the leading site for Asian networks to peer traffic with U.
The advantage PAIX has over the others, says AboveNet is that it is not owned by a major phone company and therefore can operate in a more open fashion, without the emphasis on selling lines from one company.
This enhancement to our PAIX Internet Exchange should enable our customers to improve their performance and deliver accurate insights to facilitate their peering relationships.
Carriers and ITSPs are now able to simply connect to Kayote's hosted VoIP Traffic Manager via existing or new PAIX peering ports.
By peering on the PAIX platform in New York, Voxel is able to leverage the density of peering participants and scale according to capacity demands.
Switch and Data's upgrades to its PAIX peering platform provide for greater exchange data capacity - by 10 fold -- allowing faster, more economical integration and management of IP traffic in public peering connections and private cross connects.
Switch and Data's build-out extends its PAIX Layer 2 public peering fabric to the BMMR and makes fractional to full GigE ports available to all BMMR customers.
By purchasing a port on the PAIX switch fabric, Mzima continues to grow its peering agreements specifically to enhance its multi-homed, high-performance, cost effective alternative to traditional service providers and networks.