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PAJPAJ (not an acronym; formerly Performing Arts Journal)
PAJA Journal of Performance and Art (est. 1976)
PAJPetroleum Association of Japan
PAJPopulation Association of Japan (est. 1948)
PAJPrisoners' Association for Justice
PAJParalympians Association of Japan
PAJPolish American Journal (English language newspaper; Buffalo, NY)
PAJPatent Abstract of Japan
PAJPhenomenological Association of Japan (est. 1979)
PAJPortrait Academy of Japan (est. 2005)
PAJPragmatics Association of Japan
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Speaking shortly after the unveiling, PAJ 1 thanked the company and fans with a promise not to disappoint them.
Thus, the objective of this study is based on the transcultural adaptation of PAJ, through recommended methodological protocol steps, seeking validation and suitability for application in the Brazilian context.
Together PAJ and Elaine J will showcase a first glance of the new collections at JCK Las Vegas later this month, where Elaine will join PAJ on the show floor to share the inspired stories behind her collections.
La fase comparativa es similar a la de PAJ, sin embargo, en la fase de sintesis hay diferencias.
We published eight issues of Live, and then later we didn't feel the need to do that--we kept combining more and more of that material into PAJ as the field changed and evolved in the '80s.
Em suas consideracoes finais, Luciana Cunha aponta que, embora para alguns dos procuradores do estado "tudo nao passa de uma questao de nome", a PAJ, enquanto orgao integrante da PGE encontra limitacoes no desenvolvimento de suas atividades, e, consequentemente, na prestacao dos servicos para a populacao carente.
Levary (2008) describe como un enfoque basado en PAJ se utilizo para evaluar a proveedores extranjeros en un caso real de la industria.
2010) by PAJ Waddington and Martin Wright (notably the joint editors of the 'Policing Matters' series).
SK Warne (Australia) December 24 , 1994 Melbourne: PAJ DeFreitas (lbw), D Gough (c IA Healy), DE Malcolm (c DC Boon).
Interculturalism and Performance: Writings from PAJ.
In January-February 2006, PAJ data showed Japanese crude stocks fell below 14m kl (88m bls), the lowest in 30 years.
PAJ, an interdisciplinary journal with contributions on performance, video, drama, dance, installations, media, film and music, celebrated its thirtieth year in 2006 and published a series of features reflecting on the recent past.