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PAK2P21-Activated Kinase 2 (enzyme)
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5a-d, p<0.05), Interestingly, Nef[DELTA]36 which is lacking of the second PAK2 binding domain and [REVLE.sub.179-183] domain sequence is able to double the production of superoxide regarding Nef wt and Nef[DELTA]38 (Figs.
The amino acids next to polyproline motif and C-terminal PAK2 binding domain, are involved with establishment of Nef/ p22-phox docking; meanwhile FPDW 121-124 sequence is most likely responsible for superoxide production.
Some genes involved in signal transduction (such as CNTNAP2, STMN2, PAK2, and SMOC2), calcium ion binding (such as CAMTA1, PCDH9, CDK5R1, and SYT1), MAPK signaling pathways (SPRED1), I-kappaB kinase/NF-kappaB signaling pathways (VAPA), and transport (such as VAMP4, SLC5A11, SLC4A4, COX1, and COX3) were identified.
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Loss of overall cell shape is probably due to the cleavage of cytoskeletal proteins such as fodrin and gelsolin (Kothakota, 1997) and finally the plasma membrane blebbing seems to be caused by the cleavage of PAK2, a member of the p21-activated kinases family (Rudel and Bokoch, 1997).
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Primers for human GAPDH, SOD1, SOD2, CAT, GPX1, CCS, PRDX6, FOXO3, CDKN2A, PAK2, TP53, MAPK14, and JUN were designed by using GenBank database sequences and Primer 3 software [27] (