PAKDDPacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
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The LatentView team made a 20 minute presentation on the analytical modeling approach adopted at the PAKDD conference held at Hyderabad, India on June 24, 2010.
Progressive Weighted Miner: An efficient method for time constraints mining, In: Proceedings of the Advance in Knowledge discovery and data mining: 7th Pacific-Asia conference, PAKDD, Seoul, Korea.
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Nyang, "On grid-based key pre-distribution: Toward a better connectivity in wireless sensor network," In PAKDD Workshops, pp.
He serves as program committee member of referred international conferences (including ICDM, CIKM, PAKDD, DaWaK, DOLAP, SAC) and as review board member of referred international journals (including TODS, TKDE, INS, IJSEKE, FGCS, JDIM).