PAKEPassword-Based Authenticated Key Exchange
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How did this end who sang songs about being Jake the Pake with an extra leg get on the telly?
Carter, Pake Levi Davis, Carmen Davis, Thomas Greer, Corbin Foster Scott Hayslett, Adrienne Laren Pollard, Dakota Stanley, Aaron Sturgill.
East Asians are commonly portrayed as business professionals or workaholics who are technologically savvy and academically keen (Pake and Shah 2003), as workers in banks, telecommunications, retail (Taylor and Stern 1997), and technology (Maestro and Stern 2003).
Bak Goong of the Sandalwood Mountains pays distinct attention to the white supervisor's mouth when the latter tells him to maintain silence during work: "'Shut up, Pake.' He heard distinct syllables out of the white demon's moving mouth.
Her excellent depiction of the trauma of a woman unable to hold on to her marriage in "Saat Pake Bandha" won her the Silver Prize for best actress at the 1963 Moscow International Film Festival.
It was later found a home at St Catherine's Church, in Pake's Croft, but that also closed down - making the plaque homeless once again.
Password-based authenticated key exchange (PAKE) protocols are designed to solve this problem and often assume the three-party setting, in which each party (commonly called a client) needs to remember only a single password shared with a trusted server [1-11].
For securing the communications conducted over wireless network, password-authenticated key exchange (PAKE) protocols are needed since two parties can establish a session key without storing any sensitive information in mobile devices.
Specifically, issues of base-rates and appropriateness of comparison groups have been raised as issues for additional attention and study (see Wilson, Looman, Abracen, & Pake, 2012).
My dad always suspected our next door neighbor Henry Chang, a small and silent Pake, or, much more likely, his Portagee wife Rosey, who was even smaller except for her Portagee mouth that was as big as the entire rest of her.
Administrators at the research center stated explicit networking needs (Pake, 1985, p.
Ancak son yillarda usr kapak sulkusunda derinlesme, pitozis, enoftalmus, dermatosaloziste gerileme ve alt kapak lateral orbiral yag pake prolapsusunda azalma ile karakterize yeni bir yan etki olan prosraglandin iliskili periorbitopati tarif edilmisrir.