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PAKISTANPunjab, Afghan Border States, Kashmir, Sind and Baluchistan
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The minister said during the debate: Security across Pakistan has improved dramatically.
Pakistan rejects such a solution and publicly insists that Kashmir be absorbed in Toto into the Pakistani state.
The chief guest awarded overall trophy to Pakistan team while runnersup trophy to Afghanistan and gold and silver medals to the position holders of both Afghanistan and Pakistan players.
The chief guests of the program were Najia Aizaz, wife of the secretary of Pakistan foreign affairs minister and Afshan Khokher, wife of the Pakistan consul general.
The September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States by Afghanistan-based terror group al-Qaida led to closer coordination between Pakistan and the United States on security and stability in South Asia.
In general terms, Iran and Pakistan are in a very good state of cooperation and relations, he added.
What I would say is, that of course we follow issues in Pakistan carefully.
ICI Pakistan has been a subsidiary of AkzoNobel since 2008, when the company acquired Imperial Chemical Industries PLC.
All Pakistan nationals are invited to attend these ceremonies, said Zahida Parveen, Pakistan's Press Counsellor, in a statement.
Khawaja also said that APC is willing to help Pakistan to combat energy related problems resulted by present flood in the country, which has destroyed infrastructure in many areas of Pakistan.
The bottom line of his discourse is that Pakistan is responsible for terrorism in Afghanistan, India, the UK and elsewhere in the world.
Yet permanent peace between India and Pakistan is elusive.
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