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PALPhase Alternation Line (television format)
PALPolice Athletic League
PALPolice Activities League (youth resource organization)
PALPhilippine Airlines
PALPaladin (Everquest)
PALPhase Alternating Line
PALPeace and Love
PALProcess Asset Library
PALPoverty Action Lab
PALProgrammable Array Logic
PALPeace At Last
PALPoint and Laugh
PALPassive Activity Loss
PALProtuberance Air Load
PALPermissive Action Link
PALPreparation for Adult Living (program; various locations)
PALParents Are Listening
PALPublic Ada Library
PALParadox Application Language
PALProgressive Addition Lens (seamless multifocal optical lens)
PALParent/Professional Advocacy League (Massachusetts, USA)
PALPohang Accelerator Laboratory
PALPrescription Access Litigation Project
PALPlantwide Applicability Limit (EPA New Source Review regulations)
PALPlatform Abstraction Layer
PALPeninsula Athletic League (San Francisco Bay Area)
PALPlatform Adaptation Layer (OS abstraction layer used to port the Microsoft Shared Source Implementation)
PALPossession and Acquisition License
PALProgramming Assembly Language
PALPressure Acid Leach
PALPositron Annihilation Lifetime
PALParolee At Large (criminal justice)
PALPhysics Abstraction Layer
PALPartner Access onLine (Cisco)
PalPalaic (linguistics)
PALPerceptive Assistant That Learns (DARPA)
PALProvincial Airlines Limited
PALPilot Activated Lighting
PALPaducah and Louisville Railway
PALProvisionally Accredited Levee (US Federal Emergency Management Agency)
PALParcel Air Lift
PALPurdue Airlink
PALPicture Always Lousy
PALParcel Airlift Service (USPS)
PALProcess Assets Library
PALPhone Access Lookup (software to locate dial-up access telephone numbers)
PALPersonnel Allowance List
PALPossession & Acquisition License (Canada firearms license)
PALPre-Enrolled Access Lane
PALPolyvalente de l'Ancienne-Lorette (Quebec, Canada)
PALPorting & Abstraction Lab
PALPhotonic Air Link (fiber optics connectivity)
PALPrescribed Action Link
PALPeer ALliance (Toronto, Canada Chinese youth volunteer organisation)
PALProtection At Lightpath
PALPractice Area Leader
PALPurpose, Agenda, Limit
PALPersonnel Airlock
PALPlan Account Line
palPanzerabwehr Lenkwaffe (Anti Tank Missile)
PALPrecise Account Locator
PALPersonal Assistant for Leisure Activities (Canada; disabled person recreation access)
PALPrice/Availability List
PALProcess Architecture Lab
PALPack A Lip
PALPublication Applicability List
PALParts Accumulation List
PALPublic Archaelogy Laboratory (Cultural Resources Identification)
PALProducts Accepted List
PALProtected Alveolar Lavage
PALProject Assignment Letter
PALPurpose, Agenda, and Logistics
PALPreliminary Action Level
PALPool Allowance
PALPathology Associates of Lexington, PA (West Columbia, SC)
PALPermissible Alcohol Limit
PALProcedure Abstraction Language
PALPermanent Artificial Lighting
PALPortable Accelerated Learning (New Reality Wellness Inc.)
PALPlacement Assistance List
PALPenetration Aid Launcher
PALPreliminary/Publications Allowance List
PALPre-Affiliated List
PALPre-Affiliation Lists
PALPupil Admission Level (education; UK)
PALPure and Applied Logic (various schools)
PALPaid Annual Leave (employment)
PALPolitical Action League (various organizations)
PALPublic Authorities Law (New York)
PALPlanning Activity Level (airports)
PALProgram Asset Library (Lockheed Martin)
PALProperty and Land
PALPerforming Arts Library (various locations)
PALParochial Athletic League (various locations)
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So I got the false whiskers and the goggles and this countrified suit of clothes, and fetched them along back in a hand-bag; and when I was passing a shop where they sell all sorts of things, I got a glimpse of one of my pals through the window.
E and the King of Denmark would have been great pals.
Meantime we followed my sea-chest which was being carried down a sort of deep narrow lane, separating two high warehouses, between honest Ted and his little devil of a pal who had to keep up a trot to the other's stride.
Thereupon he lost all interest in me, humorous or otherwise, and walked away driving sternly before him the honest Ted, who went off grumbling to himself like a hungry ogre, and his horrible dumb little pal in the soldier's coat, who, from first to last, never emitted the slightest sound.
One visit showed me the possibilities of the place, but a second convinced me of its impossibilities without a pal.
An' he is here, arisin' to his feet to give the glad hand to his old pal.
But as he isn't here I want to know, as one pal to another, what you've been doing to an old buster of the name of Nutcombe.
A new pal,' replied Jack Dawkins, pulling Oliver forward.
Weller, after a short meditation, 'this is a case for that 'ere confidential pal o' the Chancellorship's.
I never yet deserted my pals, and I'm not going to begin.
I don't believe you ever before had such pals to desert," was my reply to that.
His companion led him into a tall building, talking noisily all the time about the pals whom he had just left.