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PALCPlasma Addressed Liquid Crystal
PALCPearson Adult Learning Centre (New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada)
PALCPractical Applications in Language Corpora (linguistics)
PALCPlasma-Addressed Liquid Crystal
PALCPrevent a Litter Coalition
PALCPrecision Approach and Landing Capability
PALCPass Area Legislative Council (California)
PALCPlasma-Associated Lymphocyte Chemoattractant (immunology)
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We are at decision height and the PALC roadmap for Naval Aviation is "on glide path, on course" to replace PAR ashore with instrumented capability in the cockpit.
The introduction ofJPALS and establishing ILS as the primary PALC will be the foundation for future aircraft avionics development and integration.
Until the PALC roadmap meets full operational capability, the GCA will be available until all aircraft within the Navy and Marine Corps inventory are capable of an unassisted instrument approach using a cockpit needles display.