PALDPortable Automotive Lifting Devices (safety standards; American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
PALDPan Arab League of Dermatologists
PALDPolska Autonomiczna Liga Darta (Polish: Polish Autonomous Darts League)
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PALD program has supported efforts of Jordanian government to reform local development planning processes in solid partnership with local communities, authorities as well as civil society.
In the LCI, there is an appreciable underestimate since the increases in the monthly salaries of salaried employees are weighted together with the increases in the hourly earnings of employees pald by the hour.
The reorganization plan calls for secured creditors to be pald in full.
A few years back the popular rapper Jay-Z pald $500 for a pair of the hard-to-find sneakers, officially immortalizing them.
For example, the table below shows that, in 1979, 45.8% of families with adjusted AGIs of between $30,000 and $40,000 pald more in payroll taxes than in income taxes, but that percentage nearly doubled to 85.7% by 1999.
I know that broadheads work by cutting and causing blood loss, and I have pald close attention not only to how my broadheads have worked in given situations but to the experiences of others.
Socialists have pald considerable attention to the alienating aspects of the welfare state, the importance of expanding democratic participation and rethinking the state itself Most socialists would agree that any successful socialism must arise from grassroots ac tions rather than through a centralized and disconnected party and state.
The majority of small businesses and professional practice sales include a cash down payment, typically 20 to 40 percent of what we will call the transaction value, with the balance on a contract to be pald over some period of time, usually a few years.
He deletes the top management of the paper, including Cushing's true love, Jonathan Pald, the managing editor.
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