PALISAPhilanthropy and Law in South Asia (book)
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Hence, the Iwokodan community site of knowledge based in Palisa, eastern Uganda captures well this change.
would be justifiably enraged since the occasional palisas were directed at Princesa and none towards Gibran.
Called HAPAG (an acronym for the name of a german-American steamship line), it was first spotted by Johann Palisa, who holds the record for visual discoveries of asteroids -- 121 -- according to brian G.
Another distinct difference was that, while Weng Weng proved difficult to research, there were tons of material on Daboy, recalls Leavold who codirected the new docu with The Search scriptwriter Daniel Palisa.
Leavold and Palisa had access to film prints, family photos, home movies, posters-all digitized and ready to be woven into the film.
Leavold and Palisa started working on the docu last March after receiving a phone call from Daboy's son, Raphael, who is in charge of digitizing the family's collections.
Next project for Leavold and Palisa is another film about the Philippines.
The original discoverer, Johann Palisa, had proposed the name Albert to honor Baron Albert von Rothschild, a generous benefactor of Vienna Observatory, where the discovery was made.
The most adept practitioner of the art was the Austrian astronomer Johann Palisa. He continued using eyeball search techniques, with great success, well into the 20th century.
Palisa would compare his eyepiece view, star by star, to the most detailed chart available.
A modern-day Palisa might compare the stars seen in a wide-angle telescopic field against those plotted in the Millennium Star Atlas or Uranometria 2000.0.
Johann Palisa of Vienna Observatory, who visited Brenner in 1894, confirmed these sightings.