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PALPPhilippine Association of Law Professors (Quezon City, Philippines)
PALPPenwith Artist-Led Projects (UK)
PALPPrescription Access Litigation Project
PALPProline-Alanine-Leucine-Proline (biochemistry)
PALPPoznanska Akademicka Liga Pilkarska (Polish football league)
PALPPatient Activity Level Plan (nursing)
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Male palp dark brown; cymbium longer than wide, apically long, with three spines - one on apical and two on basal segment; embolus long, and coiled; conductor spine like; tegulum with hook like median apophysis, basal area dark; retrolateral tibial apophysis short, curved downward forming 'C' shaped cavity; ventral tibial apophysis long, curved, pointed apically; femur with two short apicodorsal spines, two long dorsal spines; patella with two long dorsal spines, apical longer; tibia with three spines, dorsal and retrolateral long, prolateral short.
The male palp is distinct with its embolus having a U-shaped tip and a ventral lobe on the RTA (Figs 18, 19).
Mucus covering the gills and labial palps was carefully and separately collected using sterile cotton-tipped swabs.
A pair of transparent palps is located terminally and nearly ventrally on the prostomium about 0.
With this time-delay circuit, the genetic program for specification of the brain starts after the split between the brain and palp fates.
angelicus, as well as Enigmatheres canfieldi (Rathbun, 1918) (type species of Enigmatheres Campos, 2009) and Bonita mexicana Campos, 2009 (type species of Bonita Campos, 2009) comprise a subgroup within the Pinnotherinae sensu Campos (2009) that share a third maxilliped with a palp of three segments, being the carpus longer than the propodus (Figs.
Mouthparts: typical for the genus, maxillary palp small, 1-segmented with apical seta (Fig.
During copulation, the male inserts completely the right palp embolus into the right bursa copulatrix of the female.
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Our present results imply that palp weight poses significant physical costs to males.