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PALPPhilippine Association of Law Professors (Quezon City, Philippines)
PALPPenwith Artist-Led Projects (UK)
PALPPrescription Access Litigation Project
PALPProline-Alanine-Leucine-Proline (biochemistry)
PALPPoznanska Akademicka Liga Pilkarska (Polish football league)
PALPPatient Activity Level Plan (nursing)
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One of the most historically important studies that details the comparative palp morphology was conducted by Comstock (1910, 1920).
But if they do survive, and find themselves without one or both of their palps - their equivalent of a penis - they will protect their would-be eater, and have benefit without the burden of their privates.
brucei: exopodite of A2 2-segmented with 4 setae, mandibular palp 1-segmented with 4 setae, the first segment of endopodite P2 with setae on inner side, abdominal somites with continuous row of spines edged on dorsal and discontinuous (of female) in the medial row of some longer spines on ventral side.
8 [micro]m in length and are possibly olfactory in function; (ii) Sensilla campaniformia (SCa): Campaniform sensillum is dome shaped, located on the distal end of third segment of maxillary palp (Fig.
Head broader than long, completely covered anteriorly by short frontal lamina, barbula nearly undeveloped; maxilliped bearing prominent articulating palp.
2E) Palp with 2, 2, 2, 3 setae; broad scaphognathite with narrow posterior lobe having a long naked seta; coxal endite with 6 distal setae; basal endite with 7 distal setae.
One of the male spiders was still alive and exhibited its threat display (front legs and palps raised, and the fangs extruded) toward the shrew who was facing the spider at a distance of approximately 2.
III sensory organ; chaeta d0 on head absent; maxillary palp without sublobal hair; 1 guard chaeta on labial papilla E, chaetae in distal row of tibiotarsi as 7.
Monard) (MRAC 12022; 12023, only left palp belongs to specimen #12022).
OLD PALP Jack and Victor remain the same age but Ford and Greg rapidly catching Picture: BBC
fres palp Th Fabi a tir of a This is not 2010 when Fabio Capello (right) looked a tired manager at the helm of a tired team, legs weary by do ta inGtw by being flogged up and down an Austrian mountain.
For many years we had primarily focused on the complex antennae of mosquitoes for our search for human-skin odor receptors, and ignored the simpler maxillary palp organs.