PALRPrecision Approach & Landing Radar
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Underwater activity for PALR is the recurring control structures Atlantic port of La Rochelle, the submarine tracking these and various one-off work on the field.
Main features: Supply, installation and maintenance of communication and UHF and VHF accessories for all services PALR .
Firm phase: demolition of the northern part of the existing wind blade construction of a breakwater 200 m long with lighting and ladders, installation guide piles for the new towing including failure to remove / refit the existing bridge , 31 m extension of the existing Customs failure including electricity and water supply, installation of a catway on existing PALR breakdown, repair the abutment of the existing BA gateway, establishing a martyr stake supply and implementation of both maritime signaling establishments.
Some benefits such as replacing an agent of PALR and glazing benefits are also to perform.