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PALSPediatric Advanced Life Support
PALSPatient Advice and Liaison Services (UK)
PALSPerformance Assessment Links in Science
PALSPeer Assistance and Leadership
PALSPositron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy
PALSPartners in Active Learning Support (mentoring program; Future Farmers of America)
PALSPhase Analysis Light Scattering (laboratory instrument)
PALSPouch Attachment Ladder System (US DoD)
PALSPublisher and Library/Learning Solutions
PALSPerformance Assessment for Language Students
PALSPrinciples of the Alphabet Literacy System
PALSPeace and Love in Schools (national charity in Jamaica)
PALSPrecision Approach and Landing System
PALSPeriarteriolar Lymphatic Sheath (surrounds central arteries within spleen)
PALSPapillon-Lefevre Syndrome
PALSPassaic County Library System (New Jersey)
PALSPartnership, Acceptance, Learning and Sharing (Australian Department of Indigenous Affairs initiative)
PALSProtection Against Limited Strikes
PALSProgram for Alternative Learning (Limestone College )
PALSPrimary Automated Lookout System (missing children database; Canada)
PALSPersons with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
PALSPositive and Living Squad (Global Friends in Action, Inc.)
PALSProgram Automated Library System
PALSPETCO Animal Lovers Save
PALSPEC Alumni Society (PEC = Punjab Engineering College; India)
PALSPortable Automated Lookout System (US DHS)
PALSPatriot Automated Logistics System
PALSPartnering and Leadership Success (National Credit Union Administration)
PALSPerforming Arts of Lake & Sumter Counties (Florida)
PALSPhoto Area & Location System
PALSPartners and Alliances Linking Schools
PALSPeer Advisors Leading Students
PALSProtection Against Accidental Launch System
PALSPACOM Academic Library Steering (Committee)
PALSPortable Airfield Light Set
PALSPunk Academy of Life Science
PALSPublic Action Law Society (University of Memphis; Tennessee)
PALsProfessional Assisted Living Software
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She says the pal is a good sport, which sounds all right--' Bill admitted that it sounded all right.
I thought you would know the name if you were a pal of Gates's.
Gentleman kind of gives a whoop, and hollers, "If it ain't my old pal, Jerry Moore
I don't believe you ever before had such pals to desert," was my reply to that.
But it is pretty certain to be a lively night for him and his pals - and a vulnerable one for the best bedroom
His horses were by chalks the best there, and his pals rode them like the foul fiend, but with the worst of luck every time.
I did my best to get out of it--swore I had a pal who was a real swell--but I saw very plainly that I had given myself away.
Meantime we followed my sea-chest which was being carried down a sort of deep narrow lane, separating two high warehouses, between honest Ted and his little devil of a pal who had to keep up a trot to the other's stride.
Thereupon he lost all interest in me, humorous or otherwise, and walked away driving sternly before him the honest Ted, who went off grumbling to himself like a hungry ogre, and his horrible dumb little pal in the soldier's coat, who, from first to last, never emitted the slightest sound.
It said that in light of the terms of the MoU, it was agreed that the boats, engines, and other related equipment owned by the Foundation will be donated to PALS to utilize.
Pop Pals is thrilled to debut its new jumbo size Pop Pals at the Toy Fair in New York February 12-15 in booth # 5953.
PAL limit: An S shareholder may face restrictions on the current deductibility of a passthrough S loss if it is deemed to arise from a passive activity.