PALSARPhased Array Type L-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar (microwave sensor)
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Here, we have evaluated PALSAR L-band interferometric data in the vicinity of Northstar Island, an offshore oil production platform, and an associated ice road near Prudhoe Bay, Alaska (Fig.
Soil Moisture Mapping Using ALOS PALSAR and ENVISAT ASAR Data over India, 606-609.
These systems, however, are still experimental or generally are not commercially available in our study area; therefore, instead of these systems, we used ALOS PALSAR SAR imagery to overcome data deficiency and we increased accuracy using the SBAS algorithm.
For the first test area Xuzhou city, original datasets of ALOS PALSAR and ALOS AVNIR-2 optical data are shown as Figure 3, and merged classification results are shown as Figure 5, and the statistical accuracy of single category is shown as Table 2.
Because the PALSAR targets a small area using the single polarization mode, soil moisture estimation with PALSAR may be of interest especially for farmers in Japan.
Based on experience, the ratio of the multi-look astrogated imagery of the PALSAR image is 7:1 and the RADARSAT-2 image is 2:1.
Cracknell Use of UK-DMC 2 and ALOS PALSAR for studying the age of oil palm trees in southern peninsular Malaysia"International Journal of Remote Sensing vol.
Second data set includes the images of Tomakomai, Japan, acquired by Phased Array Type L-band SAR (PALSAR) using H/V polarization on August 19, 2006, in Figure 6(a) and V/V polarization on August 19, 2006, in Figure 6(b).
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