PALVPersonal Air and Land Vehicle
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Measuring 4(L) x 1.6(W) x 1.6(H) m, PALV weighs 680 kg and can carry a maximum load of 230 kg.
After successful test flights, PALV team will now focus on designing the first commercial model PALV, with first deliveries expected in 2014.
A Dutch company has developed a Personal Air and Land Vehicle (PALV), which deserves to be called a gyrocopter - younger brother of helicopter.
Dutch company PALV Europe NV took seven years to finalize the design concept in 2008 and testing a driving prototype in 2009.
On the ground the two seat PALV is an aerodynamic tilting three wheeler that is designed to combine handling of a motorbike with a mechanical hydraulic dynamic tilting mechanism automatically adjusting the tilt angle of the vehicle while cornering.
The mixture was placed in a glass flask and 200 ml of Crystic 471 PALV polyester resin (without any particles) was added.
Figure 4 presents the fracture surface of polyester specimens (Crystic 471 PALV polyester and catalyst M) without any WACKER HDK N20 powder.