PAMASPower-Aware Multi-Access Protocol with Signaling
PAMASPlant and Machinery Assessing Services (Australia)
PAMASPhilippine Association of Manning Agencies and Shipmanagers (est. 1980)
PAMASPreference Aggregation in Multiagent Systems (research group; Germany)
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A series of PAMAHS copolymers have fluorescence at [lambda] = 316 nm and PAMAS have no fluorescence, proving that HDDE had been successfully incorporated into the copolymers.
The thermal stability of PAMAS and PAMAHS copolymers can be investigated by thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), and the thermal gravimetric and DSC curves are shown in Fig.
The morphology study of PAMAS and PAMAHS copolymers are carried out by SEM to observe the structure and obtain some microscopic and visualized information.
As for PAMAS, even though the concentration of the solution is very large, the obvious network structure is not found.
The variation curves of the conductivity over time in the process of PAAHO, PAMAS, and PAMAHS dissolution are shown in Fig.
Apparent viscosities of PAMAHS increase slowly in the low concentration, but the apparent viscosity increase rapidly when the concentration increases to a certain value far more than that of PAMAS. This is because there is little chance of interacting intermolecularly with each other; intrachain associations are dominant compared to interchain associations and as such, internal micellization reduces the hydrodynamic radius of the polymer coil, thus apparent viscosity of the solution is very small.
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