PAMASPower-Aware Multi-Access Protocol with Signaling
PAMASPlant and Machinery Assessing Services (Australia)
PAMASPhilippine Association of Manning Agencies and Shipmanagers (est. 1980)
PAMASPreference Aggregation in Multiagent Systems (research group; Germany)
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As for PAMAS, even though the concentration of the solution is very large, the obvious network structure is not found.
The dissolution times of PAMAS and PAAHO are 13 and 20 min, and the dissolution times of PAMAHS-0.
Apparent viscosities of PAMAHS increase slowly in the low concentration, but the apparent viscosity increase rapidly when the concentration increases to a certain value far more than that of PAMAS.
The apparent viscosity of PAMAS solution decreases monotonously along with temperature increasing, showing a general trend following Arrhenius' law [35].
aureus are slightly larger than those of control groups (sterile deionized water) for PAMAS copolymer.
ABBREVIATIONS AIBN 2, 2'-azobis (2-methylpropionitrile) AM acrylamide AMPS 2-acrylamido-2-methylpropane-sulfonic acid EOR enhanced oil recovery HAPAMs hydrophobically association polyacrylamides HDDE N, N'-((2-hydroxy-4, 5-dimethylbenzene-l, 3-diyl) dimethanediyl) bisprop-2-enamide IZR inhibition zone rate N-MA N-methylol acrylamide PAMAHS P (AM-MAA-AMPS-HDDE-SA) PAMAS P (AM-MAA-AMPS-SA) SA stearyl acrylate SDS sodium dodecyl sulfate