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PAMBAPan American Marine Biotechnology Association (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
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Presently one of them, a little, mean-faced, black-bearded fellow with a countenance which reminded Tarzan of Pamba, the rat, laid his hand upon the shoulder of a giant who stood next him, and with whom all the others had been arguing and quarreling.
She is brave," he said, "but even Pamba, the rat, must have some good quality, but she is what I have told you and therefore I hate her and you should hate her.
The court observed that citizens had the obligation to protect not just the Pamba river, but all rivers in the country.
Otaa landifa eenghedi, otaa landifa omapopifa, otaa landifa omadiladilo opaihole noinima ya pamba okuya momilele, efindano nanhumbi oinima hai holoka.
I was able to get my first taste of the backwaters as she set sail southward down the main channel of the lake, heading for the Pamba river and the main Alappuzha canal.
Akatora mbatya shomanene semunhu aitarisra kuti raizodoka atova pamba pevabereki vake.
Mebrahtu Y, Lawyer PG, Pamba H, Koech DK, Perkins PV, Roberts CR, Were JB, Hendricks LD.
Ongomunambelewa gwokufala pondje iilonga yaSister Namibia, ohandi gongala naakiintu ooyakwetu olwindji, tatu kundathana kombinga yiinima ya pamba oonkalamwenyo dhetu.
In a newspaper article entitled "Cultural divide", Pamba (2000) made the following comments, cited by Pickford (2001), that the education system is playing a part in disconnecting students from their indigenous heritage.
Then ten thousand miles away and three decades after my grandmother's death, in a house not by the Pamba River as hers was, but here, close to the river Hudson, I bent close to the English dictionary to try to make out the words in front of me: dislocation: to put out of place; locare: to place; locus, place.
Police have recovered the Toyota car borrowed by Kurup from the doctor, at Pamba Hilltop.
Mokati komikalo dopanghalafano odo tadi hapupaleke omahepeko moNamibia omwa kwatelwa odo da pamba oukashike.