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PAMBAPan American Marine Biotechnology Association (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
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She is brave," he said, "but even Pamba, the rat, must have some good quality, but she is what I have told you and therefore I hate her and you should hate her.
Presently one of them, a little, mean-faced, black-bearded fellow with a countenance which reminded Tarzan of Pamba, the rat, laid his hand upon the shoulder of a giant who stood next him, and with whom all the others had been arguing and quarreling.
Por ejemplo todos estamos diciendo colores: azul, morado y llega otro y dice plato y entonces pamba con ese, por bobo.
Otaa landifa eenghedi, otaa landifa omapopifa, otaa landifa omadiladilo opaihole noinima ya pamba okuya momilele, efindano nanhumbi oinima hai holoka.
Felder, 1867) Atalopedes campestris (Boisduval, 1852) Corticea mendica schwarzi (Bell, 1941) Pamba boyaca Nicolay, 1973 Parphorus sapala (Godman, 1900) Perichares colenda (Hewitson, 1866) Poanes azin (Godman, 1900) Psoralis exclamationis (Mabille, 1898) Serdis viridicans viridicans (C.
Fue precisamente a la vi Inspeccion donde se condujo a Ramon Mercader luego de aplicarle a Trotski su celebre pamba china con piolet; fue ahi mismo donde, especula Leonardo Padura en su novela EI bombre que amaba a los perros, Mercader conocio el infierno durante "los intensos meses en que lo retuvieron en las celdas blindadas de la 6ta.
Such is the tricky terrain near Sabarimala -- even when one takes the shorter three- hour route and walks upwards from the Pamba River -- there is every chance of a stampede because the crowd control is bad.
Five such rivers-Achenkovil, Pamba, Manimala and the eponymous Vembanad-drain into this huge lake, and between them, make up the approximately 1,500 sq km Vembanad Wetland System.
Two major rivers, the Pamba and the Periyar, and four smaller rivers that all originate in the Sahya Mountains to the east, flow into the lake.
En la presente investigacion se visitaron en total doce sitios de interes en la zona noroccidental del Municipio de Pasto, de los cuales once tenian manifestaciones de arte rupestre y un caso --en el sector de San Juan Pamba, en Genoy--, correspondia a una piedra con una serie de surcos formados de maneta natural.
It was estimated that the total volume of discharge for the major six rivers, Periyar, Muvattupuzha, Pamba, Manimala, Minachil and Achankovil into the Cochin estuary is approximately of 20,000 x [10.
Award-winning classical dancer Jayalalitha shot into fame as a supporting actress in the film SathyaGramam and has also contributed to a list of successful films including Sruthilayalu, Indrudu-Chandrudu, April 1st Vidudala, Encounter, Appula Apparao, 420 and Jambalakadi Pamba, in addition to several TV shows.