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PAMEProtection of the Arctic Marine Environment
PAMEParticipatory Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation (various organizations)
PAMEPatient Assessment and Management Examination
PAMEPhenoxyacetic Acid Methyl Ester (pharmacology)
PAMEPalpable Arciform Migratory Erythema of Clark (dermatology)
PAMEPreanesthesia Medical Evaluation
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Papageorgiou and about 200 other PAME members rallied outside the finance ministry on Thursday evening.
Cuaderno de algunas reglas y apuntes sobre el idioma pame de Francisco de Valle, presentacion de A.
The work mostly was in the local schools of Male Paten and Pame which had had earthquake damage.
This was the first academic activity initiated by executive president of PAME Dr.
Pame Childress Hewitt, director of the Barney Fletcher Schools, said she expects to have twice the increase in students in 2014 as she did in 2013.
Las lenguas habladas por los grupos mencionados nos son desconocidas, excepcion hecha del pame, que se habla actualmente en comunidades de San Luis Potosi y Queretaro.
TJFA Under 7 Middleton Ra Bishop Auckl 7s Durham Red angers land St Mary's A GOOD gam sides during some great pame was played by both this encounter, with assing on display.
Last year, Pame personally gathered enough funds to kick- start construction of a road linking Manipur with Nagaland and Assam.
The Communist-affiliated trade union PAME also called a rally near ERT's headquarters, where workers had been gathering since its closure.
8220;The generosity of our members year after year is simply remarkable,” said Circle 1000 Chair Pame Schmider.
39) Como explica Fernandez Martinez, las diferentes conquistas y migraciones trajeron como resultado una importante multiplicidad de grupos culturales tanto de los tarascos, que era el mayoritario, como de distintas etnias descendientes de las culturas teotihuacana y tolteca, lo cual dio lugar a que en la frontera se hablaran por lo menos seis lenguas diferentes: tarasca, otomi, mazahua, matlatzinca, pame y nahuatl.