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PAMEProtection of the Arctic Marine Environment
PAMEParticipatory Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation (various organizations)
PAMEPatient Assessment and Management Examination
PAMEPhenoxyacetic Acid Methyl Ester (pharmacology)
PAMEPalpable Arciform Migratory Erythema of Clark (dermatology)
PAMEPreanesthesia Medical Evaluation
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The PAME Conference will be held June 19-22 at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis.
The situation that the workers are undergoing is tragic and we are near poverty levels," said Spyros Linardopoulos, a protester with the PAME union at the Piraeus blockade.
The situation that the workers are going through is tragic and we are near poverty levels," said one protester with the PAME union.
The protest by the communist trade union Pame came just ahead of a parliamentary debate on the austerity package, which the government needs to pass if it is to get another package of EU-IMF aid.
101) Working by consensus, PAME has developed, and the Arctic Council has adopted, an excellent set of Arctic Oil and Gas Exploration Guidelines.
Activists from the Communist-affiliated PAME group got into the Greek Finance Ministry, which stands on Syntagma Square where protesters gather nightly to demonstrate against corruption and economic mismanagement.
Members of the PAME labour union took over the Finance Ministry offices in central Athens on Friday, preventing employees from entering the building.
we have a sacred duty to our children and ourselves to cancel plans to turn workers into modern slaves," said a statement issued by Greek leftist group PAME, which blockaded the Greek finance ministry on Friday.
Earlier about 10,000 members of the Communist-led PAME union held a peaceful protest.
at 718-19 ("Norway pays the secretariat for AMAP, Iceland for PAME, Iceland and the United States for CAFF, and Denmark provides most of the funding for the Indigenous Peoples' Secretariat.
Junipero spent the next eight years with the Pame Indians in the Sierra Gorda region of central Mexico, an isolated mountainous area, 280 km northeast of Mexico City.
What, heris thou pes lurdans [wretches] bat in Lymbo dwelle, pei make menyng of many joies And musteres grete mirthe pame emell.