PAMETPhilippine Association of Medical Technologists
PAMETPaper Making Education Trust (Malawi)
PAMETPoletni Astronomski Meteorski Tabor
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PAMET stands for the Philippine Association of Medical Technologists, though Booba was probably making a point that authoritative bodies don't approve everything that's online.
(5) This chimes in certain respects with Gilles Deleuze's assertion that "purely actual objects do not exist" (Deleuze and Pamet, 2006, page 112).
Results of post-prandial plasma free methionine concentrations (PPmet, 5 h after intubation) and post-absorptive plasma free methionine concentrations (PAmet, 24 h after intubation) in dorsal aorta cannulated rainbow trout force-fed with diets containing seven graded levels of methionine are shown in Figure 1.
Petra Hulova, born in Prague in 1979, was able to achieve this feat with her debut novel, Pamet moji babicce (In memory of my grandmother), published in the Czech Republic, and voted by the popular daily Lidove noviny as Book of the Year in 2002.
Local charter boat captain Mike Wisniewski (, based out of Pamet Harbor in Truro, has been limiting out every day on cod, haddock and pollock at Stellwagen Bank.
Nije meni, valjda, vrana popila pamet, da mi treba zena tutor!
On two dates (August 4 and 11, 2000), samples from all Herring River stations, plus Hatches Harbor, East Harbor and Pamet River study sites were also tested for E.
Under my arm, I held a gift--one of the small paintings I made at Cape Cod, a view of the Pamet Harbor in Truro, with the tide coming in.
The first was on Cape Cod, in a field off the Pamet Roads in Truro.
Margaret Coughlin, former president of Pamet River Partners, is serving as a consultant on the process.