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A Behavior Change Communication campaign regarding the same had also been launched by PAMH in collaboration with Spectrum VMLYandR, wherein the 'Story of Salman' - a story that follows a young man's state of mind as he is stigmatized for his mental illness - was inaugurated at the occasion.
Every fourth house has a psychosomatic/psychiatric problem and masked depressive disorder,' Dr Ahmed said, while citing data from a PAMH survey of mental health between 2007 and 2009.
The PAMH president said that in the last eight to ten years, the suicide rate in Pakistan has increased quite drastically.
The variables that we assumed were under active control, usually temporal characters (AMPL, DRAM, DURCH, DURT, TLDUR), had a mean CV of 0.53 (range 0.25-1.00; Table 1) compared to spectral call variables, which we assumed are more likely to be under passive control (DB12, DOMH, FNLH, INIT, PAMH) that had a mean CV 0.18 (range 0.08-0.55).
Members of the PAMH were also alarmed at the fact that the storm generated by the Zainab case had not led to any abatement of child abuse incidents.
He said: 'One of the points the PAMH mentions as having an impact on mental health is insecurity, crime and violence.
PAMH says the stress-ridden environment is impacting the individual and the community at large, with behavioural changes characterised by violence, sickness and withdrawing into oneself.
PAMH has also produced short ads for radio and television in Urdu and Sindhi (the focus of the campaign is Karachi for now) to spread the message that mental illness is treatable and that patients do not have to suffer in vain.
The programme began with a talk by Prof S Haroon Ahmed, founder president of PAMH, who traced the history of mental illnesses and the meagre resources available to deal with them.
KARACHI -- The Pakistan Association for Mental Health (PAMH) has said the country is increasingly getting 'depressed' with each passing day; while its largest city is offering much larger figures of people suffering from mental disorders.
Haroon Ahmed, head of the Pakistan Association of Mental Health (PAMH); Dr Asma Humayun, a consultant psychiatrist in Lahore; Dr Ambreen Ahmad of Rozan, an NGO working for child protection; Prof M.
Our guide is the Pakistan Association for Mental Health (PAMH), which celebrated the golden jubilee of its existence last year, quite an achievement for a civil society organisation in a state that likes to keep the entire civil society on the chopping block.