PAMLPerforming Arts Multimedia Library (Australia)
PAMLPipeline Algorithm Markup Language
PAMLPublicly Accessible Mailing Lists
PAMLPathology Associates Medical Laboratories (Spokane, WA)
PAMLPhylogenetic Analysis by Maximum Likelihood
PAMLPre-Approved Mortgage Limit (finance)
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Advancements in Laboratory Testing for Cancer - with PAML
PAML 4: phylogenetic analysis by maximum likelihood.
We identified the particular codon sites that have been subjected to positive selection using the site model in the PAML software.
PAML was asked to be a beta site for the newly developed product.
The pharmacist reconciled the PAML with the physicians' admission orders and also checked for errors.
Headquartered in Spokane, WA, PAML is one of the top reference laboratories in the country and an industry leader in joint venture partnerships with community-based hospitals because of their expertise in developing cutting-edge laboratory management systems.
The Codeml program of the PAML package (available from http://envgen.
Just a few weeks after going live, the application is delivering significant, measurable benefits, according to Sonny Varadan, PAML CIO.
Sonny is an industry leader in strategic IT development and has served as Chief Information Officer for Providence Health Care and PAML.
com)-- PAML, one of the nation's premier medical reference laboratories and a leading healthcare solutions provider, will be featured in a health mini-series on one of television's popular morning shows—The Balancing Act— which airs on the Lifetime Channel.
The trees were used to estimate branch lengths in accordance with the single rate dated tips (SRDT) model using the Tipdate program implemented in PAML version 3.