PAMLPhylogenetic Analysis by Maximum Likelihood
PAMLPathology Associates Medical Laboratories (Spokane, WA)
PAMLPublicly Accessible Mailing Lists
PAMLPre-Approved Mortgage Limit (finance)
PAMLPerforming Arts Multimedia Library (Australia)
PAMLPipeline Algorithm Markup Language
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With the acquisition of PAML, LabCorp assumes PAML's ownership interests in several joint ventures: Colorado Laboratory Services, Kentucky Laboratory Services, MountainStar Clinical Laboratories, PACLAB Network Laboratories (PACLAB) and Tri-Cities Laboratory.
Advancements in Laboratory Testing for Cancer - with PAML
To further investigate the evolutionary selection pressures acting on caleosin genes, site-specific, free-ratio,two-ratio and branch-site models were further applied to twenty-nine sequences of caleosin genes using the codeml program of PAML.
The phylogenetic matrix comprised 106 codons, representing all three genes and combined with the RAxML tree topology, the F3x4 codon frequency model was applied in PAML under various branch and site model combinations (Table 1).
We identified the particular codon sites that have been subjected to positive selection using the site model in the PAML software.
PAML was asked to be a beta site for the newly developed product.
On admission, the ordering physician took a comprehensive medication history, input the initial PAML, and laid out a plan for the patient's medication during hospitalization--whether each drug the patient was currently taking would be continued, continued with a change, discontinued, or substituted.
Cinemedia's PAML (Performing Artist Multimedia Library) Pilot Project and Swift Digital Delivery System offer an online broadband video-on-demand system, complete with flexible copyright management systems that regulate access, calculate royalty entitlements and disburse returns to copyright owners.
PAML is available from the web page at http://mw511.
The laboratory information exchange includes the ability to: distribute results to physician offices, clinics and regional hospitals; have a bi-directional interface to PAML reference laboratory; distribute printed reports and labels for PAML reference laboratory; and electronically send reportable results to the Oregon Department of Health.