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The New Jersey State Society Distinguished Achievement Award was presented to Pamla Sharp for her dedication and untiring service reorganizing the society.
Pamla said if PrePex was introduced in state hospitals, nurses affiliated to COSATU will refuse to perform circumcisions using the device.
NEW JERSEY Pamla Sharp, RMA, 11 Washington Blvd., Stratford, NJ 08084, email:
Callaway also wrote a brief biography of the African priest Jemuel Pamla. In Pioneers in Pondoland (London: Livingstone Press, 1939[?]),
Nehawu's Sizwe Pamla said government must take responsibility.
"Between Modernism and Postmodernism: The Cold War Poetics of Bishop, Lowell, and Ginsberg." PAMLA Presidential Address 2006.
We will challenge that court order if its intention is to intimidate our members into submission," Sizwe Pamla, a spokesman for healthcare workers' union NEHAWU, told Reuters news agency.
Nonetheless David Magatha, Samuel Mathabathe, Michael Boweni, Robert Mashaba and Charles Pamla zealously proclaimed the Methodist gospel in a climate made hostile at times by their own people.
(69) "Opinion of a Native Minister, Charles Pamla, Entembeni Mission", Kokstad Advertiser, 12 Nov.
But Pamla Fritts, a single mother on a "very strict budget," asked the council to eliminate the fee.