PAMMAPatients Against Mandatory Medical Arbitration
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Grandmother: BuddyAnmom, Bah Gah, Bamama, Bo-Bo, Boo Boo, Buddy, Bun, Bunga, Bunga Wink, Chacha, Dama, Farmor, Gamby, Gammy, Gigi, Gram, Gramcracker, Grami, Gramma, Grammieo, Grammy, Gran, Grandnan, Grandy, Grinny, Honey, Juju, Kemosabi, Manu, MacMac, Mammy, Meamaw, Meenaw, Mema, Memaw, Mia Mia, Mi-Ma, Mimi, Molly, Mom Mom Tam, Monga, Mormor, Nana, Nana Banana, Nana GoGo, Nanny, Nano, Nine, Nonni, Oma, Omi, Pamma, Sugar Mama, Taytah, Tsalsi, VoVo
''This is our culture and all Sikhs have the fundamental right of wearing turbans,'' Pamma said.
Paramjit Singh Pamma was seen during India-England World Cup match.
The organiser of the event, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, who is a New York-based lawyer, is a close associate of prominent Sikh extremists, like Jagtar Singh Tara of Khalistan Tiger Force and UK-based Paramjit Singh Pamma.
The court also directed the state to submit a ' Action Taken Report' against Sukhwinder Singh alias Pamma ( conductor), Gurdeep Singh alias Jimmy ( helper), Ranjit Singh ( driver) and Amarjit alias Dana ( conductor's accomplice) Orbit Aviation is co- owned by Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal.
Gurjeet Bains, IAB Chairperson' Raj Sirpal, managing director, Mirage Banqueting Suite' Paul Holford, Royal Bank of Scotland' Waseem Rasab, Raheed Khan, Jasbinder Singh, Rajsh Singh, Royal Bank of Scotland' Michael Brown, Adam Heath, Sandia Pamma, Blakemores Solicitors' Shamus Mahmood, Ruksana Khan, Dipak Shelat' Sukhjeevan Nat, Royal Bank of Scotland' Rasib Hussain, Slumber Dreams' Adil Manzoor, Slumber Dreams' Nazir Awan, Awan Real Estate' Bob Walker, Royal Bank of Scotland' Amer Awan, Awan Real Estate' Pavan Punj, Khalid Mahmood, Laura Whittington, Matt Wall, Allied Fort Insurance' Mohammed Khadam, Komal Soni, Royal Bank of Scotland' Ghulam Ghafoor, Khalid Hussain, Surinder Summan, Royal Bank of Scotland
Earlier, when Sikhs for Justice had revealed August 12 plans through a press conference, UK-based known Khalistani activist Paramjeet Singh Pamma, whom India tried to extradite from Portugal, hosted the press conference of the World Kashmir Freedom Movement, Kashmir Patriotic Forum International and Overseas Pakistani Welfare Organisation.
On the basis of the complaint filed by the teenage girl's mother , police arrested bus conductor Sukhwinder Singh alias Pamma, helper Gurdeep Singh, driver Ranjit Singh and an accomplice Amarjit.
His younger brother Paramjeet alias Pamma was arrested in 1997 for the murder of Chief Minister Beant Singh along- with his associate Jagtar Singh Hawara.
The Press Conference of World Kashmir Freedom Movement, Kashmir Patriotic Forum International and Overseas Pakistani Welfare Organisation was hosted by UK based known Khalistani activist Paramjeet Singh Pamma whom India tried to extradite from Portugal.