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PAMPASPioneering Advanced Mobile Privacy and Security (European Union)
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The brightest stars of the Seattle burlesque scene - Lily Verlaine, The Shanghai Pearl, Waxie Moon and Kitten LaRue - will grace El Gaucho's swanky Pampas Room in a seductive new series of nostalgic cabaret shows.
A IN Argentina, where this plant comes from, they solve the problem by burning the pampas off every few years - not a popular solution in suburbia.
During the boom years, when legions of European immigrants lured by Argentina's robust economy and fertile pampas made their fortunes, Bolm's "ballet group" escalated into a company on the brink of greatness.
The author shows that Argentine wool prices in Buenos Aires were very closely linked to prices in Antwerp and Le Havre, producing periodic crises in the pampas when prices dropped.
A ADRIENNE SAYS: Pampas grass or Cor taderia selloana is enjoying a bit of a revival but, unlike in the Seventies when it was given pride of place in the centre of the lawn, it is now cleverly used among shrubs and especially those whose leaves take on rich autumnal colours.
The problem with pampas is that they usually get planted in the wrong position.
Pampas grass is probably one of the best-known ornamental grasses, but as it self-seeds so readily it has been declared a California pest.
Although pampas grass (cortaderia selloana) is both highly ornamental and popular, I recommend trying one of the less usual grasses.
New at the Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax is Pampas Grill, a Brazilian-style churrascaria.
The man, who appeared to be in his mid-30s, was working on the construction of a large house in the 4300 block of Pampas Road about 9:48 a.
The shuttered Pampas restaurant space in Encino's Plaza de Oro, previously Denari, changes its ethnicity under its new ownership.
On a Monday night in the heart of Encino, Pampas - the new Argentine restaurant that took over the Denari space in the Plaza de Oro - is around two-thirds full.