PAMRPublic Access with Mobile Radio
PAMRPublic Access Mobile Radio
PAMRPrivate Access Mobile Radio
PAMRMerrill Field Airport (Anchorage, AK; airport code)
PAMRPolicy Area Mobility Review (Montgomery County, MD)
PAMRPennsylvania Military Reserve
PAMRPost-Auricular Muscle Reflex
PAMRPulse Amplitude Modulation Range
PAMRPosterior Auricular Muscle Response
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The joint meeting sought to enhance the coordination between PACI and PAMR.
He also said that PAMR will open registration at the beginning of 2013 for new job seekers.
In late 2010, the PAMR subcommittee identified a potential increase in ectopic pregnancy deaths in 2009.
RadioMovel is a new digital trunking mobile operator whose focus is on addressing the PAMR market through the provision of services (including Push-to-Talk and Group Calls) that provide efficiency enhancing professional voice and data communications.
Recruitment at the military sector is conducted through sorting out the names registered at PAMR taking into consideration the population density and applicant s desire.
At the same time, the PAMR was instrumental in securing employment for more than 10,000 nationals -- male and female -- in various government, civil and military establishments during the first five months of the current year, Al Beloushi said.
In 2013, PAMR availed more than 80,000 jobs for the public and private sectors.
The meeting discussed promoting PAMR statistical methods and presented the studies conducted by PAMR to overcome the challenges faced by job-seekers.
He furthered that there is a team to coordinate between the Ministry of Manpower and the Public Authority for Manpower Registry (PAMR) as the available job opportunities in the private sector to be referred to PAMR according to the discipline, wage and job place.
He urged all relevant stakeholders to review their databases and their readiness to link with the PAMR and the use of civil number in all its systems related to workforce data.
The recruitment timetable has been drawn in light of what has been agreed upon by the joint committees between the PAMR and the public and private sector employers the formation of which came in response to directives from the Council of Ministers.