PAMRPublic Access with Mobile Radio
PAMRPublic Access Mobile Radio
PAMRPrivate Access Mobile Radio
PAMRMerrill Field Airport (Anchorage, AK; airport code)
PAMRPolicy Area Mobility Review (Montgomery County, MD)
PAMRPennsylvania Military Reserve
PAMRPost-Auricular Muscle Reflex
PAMRPulse Amplitude Modulation Range
PAMRPosterior Auricular Muscle Response
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The PAMR explained in its statement that this step is a translation of the continuous attention accorded by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said to provide job opportunities for the Omani youths.
The results showed that Rambutan leaf extract had antibacterial activity against PAMR starting at concentrations of 5% w/v, 10% w/v, 20% w/v, and 40% w/v [Table 2].
Patients with pAMR and clinical or instrumental signs of graft dysfunction received plasmapheresis and IVIG.
Al Balushi also said that PAMR was responsible in coordinating the recruitment of unemployed in government, services and private sector.
In 1996, the Florida Department of Health initiated PAMR to improve surveillance of pregnancy-related deaths in Florida.
To determine which subset of markers may best differentiate between the case and control samples, we used the nearest shrunken centroids technique, implemented in the pamr package in R (4).
The letter was signed "your loving PaMr Allan said this letter was looked at quickly by the Prime Minister's office, "but it couldn't really be deciphered, much of the handwriting."
The MSS-C platform supports a range of radio standards including Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) Public Access Mobile Radio (PAMR) and aligns with future all-IP evolution, thus eliminating the need for costly upgrades.
TETRA, which combines aspects of Private Mobile Radio (PMR) and Public Access Mobile Radio (PAMR) with those of public wireless telephony and public packet-data services, is mostly used by the police, ambulance and fire services, security services, utilities and transportation.
Today, most public safety organisations, public services and, of course, the military, run their own push-to-talk systems known as private mobile radio (PMR); many other organisations rely on public access mobile radio (PAMR) systems, buying airtime from a PAMR network operator.