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He says that PAMRA like all other authorities is an independent entity working within its legal jurisdiction.
PAMRA will pave the way to increase competition in agriculture produce markets, and provide new horizons for the farming community.
The Pamra activities started with a tour in Batangas and Bicol that included visits to heritage structures, historical and natural landmarks, churches, enjoying and immersing in various cultural activities and of course feasting, on native delicacies.
This biennial week long engagement is a chance for the Pamra members, not only to visit their land of origin, but also a way for these indefatigable men from the military service comprised of retired members of the US Coast Guard, US Navy, US Army, US Air Force, US Marine Corps, Noaa, USPHS, and US Merchant Marine to help the local economy via tourism and encourage second and thirdgeneration FilipinoAmericans to get to experience and appreciate the country of their grandparents and parents.
LCDR Ireneo "Reno" Villanueva of the US Coast Guard (Ret.), currently the president of Pamra shared: "Pamra was founded in 1995 and most of the coast the coastguards who retired went back to the Philippines for a vacation.
Villanueva shared that a lot of Pamra members have inspiring love and life stories to tell, worthy of an episode in a weekly drama or even a movie.
Capping the tour was the Pamra Ball, whose inspiration came from the film "The Great Gatsby," which recently happened at the Solaire Grand Ballroom.
Partnering with Pamra for this biennial reunion tour were The Travel Outlet, headed by Naomi and Roy Estaris, FullHouse Asia and the Department of Tourism.
Por esta razon desde hace 10 anos, la Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS) genero un programa de asesoria para el mejoramiento del rendimiento academico (PAMRA), el cual designa tutores para que apoyen los procesos de ensenanza y aprendizaje de la anatomia.