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PAMSPhotochemical Assessment Monitoring Stations
PAMSPerceptual Analysis/Measurement System (ITU-T)
PAMSPennsylvania Association of Medical Suppliers
PAMSPeruvian American Medical Society
PAMSProceedings of the American Mathematical Society
PAMSPacific Armies Management Seminar (US DoD)
PAMSPhotochemical Assessment Monitoring System
PAMSPhysical and Mathematical Sciences Library (Penn State University)
PAMSPassive Acoustic Monitoring System (NASA)
PAMSPurdue Animal Manure Solutions
PAMSPMEL Automated Management System
PAMSPredictive Aircraft Maintenance System
PAMSProduction Advertising Merchandising Service (Dallas, TX)
PAMSPlant Asset Management System (Sprint)
PAMSPatent Application Management System
PAMSPostaccident Monitoring System
PAMSProperty Accounting and Management System (US Secret Service)
PAMSPassive Aerodynamic Magnetic Satellite
PAMSProvisioning and Alarm Management System
PAMSProvider's Applicant Management System (Pellcomp Software Ltd, UK)
PAMSPhotochemical Analysis Monitoring System
PAMSProcedures for Adding and Moving Systems
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With PAMS, we hope to evaluate how effectively next-generation network technologies can handle multimedia traffic and critical issues of interoperability for Current to Future Force Networking.
The integration of the PAMS set of rules into our TQMS system represents an important step in ensuring high-quality packet communications technologies," stated SOTAS President Peter Willson.