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PANAProtocol for Carrying Authentication for Network Access
PANAPan-African News Agency
PANAPennsylvania Advocates for Nutrition and Activity
PANAPeace and Neutrality Alliance (Ireland)
PANAPacific and Asian North America
PANAPoly Anthranilic Acid
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PANA called upon the Obama Administration to adopt a comprehensive approach to address the cause of extremist violence through economic development, educational advancement and regional peace and stability initiatives.
Given its organisational set-up, PANA could hardly have functioned any differently.
Commenting on his appointment as PANA CEO, Bill Gilliam stated, "I am thrilled to join a worldwide team lead by Dr.
Summary: Libya aims to connect the entire country to a national gas grid, PANA reported on Saturday (August 8th).
The PANA chairman, along with Irish Anti-War leader Richard Boyd Barrett, helped organise the 100,000-strong march in Dublin last month.