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PANAProtocol for Carrying Authentication for Network Access
PANAPan-African News Agency
PANAPennsylvania Advocates for Nutrition and Activity
PANAPeace and Neutrality Alliance (Ireland)
PANAPacific and Asian North America
PANAPoly Anthranilic Acid
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The MDGs were done in a hurry but they were very noble goals and they have contributed to accelerating social issues like education, health and other aspects," Anthony Maruping, the African Union Commissioner for Economic Affairs, told PANA.
PANA called upon the Obama Administration to adopt a comprehensive approach to address the cause of extremist violence through economic development, educational advancement and regional peace and stability initiatives.
For example, to allow the instant posting of PANA stories on their arrival, Africa News worked with experienced programmers to devise ways to format the copy for both the World Wide Web and for the commercial services, and has worked closely with PANA staff who have had to adopt new procedures for handling and preparing copy.
Given its organisational set-up, PANA could hardly have functioned any differently.
Commenting on his appointment as PANA CEO, Bill Gilliam stated, "I am thrilled to join a worldwide team lead by Dr.
PANA reports that the five countries have already pledged to contribute US$50 million in seed money to start preliminary work on the 1,028-km corridor road project.
PANA reports that BADEA's operations cover 44 eligible countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and a number of regional organizations.
A meeting of West Africa's Ministers of Finance and Trade opened in Dakar, Senegal, Monday to consider proposals for concluding the protracted negotiations of an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union (EU), PANA reported.
Summary: The Libyan oil prices recorded a slight drop of US$3 this week-end, compared to those of Thursday, PANA reports from here.
The new airport terminal now under construction at the LomiAAA' international airport in Togo will cater for about two million passengers a year, compared to 400,000 presently, PANA learnt Saturday from the Civil Aviation National Agency (CANA).
The Bank of Mauritius has set up a dedicated unit, the Market Intelligence Cell (MI Cell), to fight financial crime, a PANA correspondent reported from the Mauritian capital.
53 billion to finance its activities over the next two years (2014-2015), including its administrative, judicial, humanitarian and peacekeeping operations worldwide, PANA reports.