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PANAMCOPanamerican Beverage Company
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PANAMCO also denied that it used paramilitary groups to terrorize trade unionists, and it said that its lawyers were considering whether the charges were defamatory.
When tasked with introducing the first 2-liter PET bottle with a true contour shape into Brazil, Coke bottler Panamco turned to blowmolder Injepet Embalagens.
Evaluacion del sistema de gestion ambiental sobre desechos solidos en embotelladora Panamco Tica S.
which saw Panamco gobbled up and KOF propel itself to No.
39 40 Panamco Mexico Bebidas 40 34 Varig Brasil Aviacion 41 23 Telefonica de Argentina Argentina Telecom.
La consolidacion del corporativo llego en 2002, cuando adquirio Panamco (Panamerican Beverages, Inc.
21) led with its purchase of Panamco, while Amdrica Movil (No.