PANAMSATPan American Satellite
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He joined PanAmSat in May 1998 as vice president of finance after serving as chief financial officer for DIRECTV Japan Inc.
Apertura a la competencia del mercado satelital; Panamsat prepara su ingreso (cuenta con 20 satelites comerciales); esta ultima es competencia directa de SATMEX en el mercado mexicano.
* PanAmSat (the first-ever privately-owned satellite service) launched the PAS-1 Atlantic Ocean Region satellite.
Launched in 2000, the $6.1 billion Millennium Fund has so far produced an unusually high gross return of 71 percent on investments that include PanAmSat, the satellite operator, and utility Texas Genco.
It relaunched in February as a free channel on basic cable, and has inked with Hispasat, Astra, Eutelsat, PanAmSat, AsiaSat and Intelsat Americas to transmit round-the-clock Spanish- and English-language versions.
Eager to sink her teeth into the business world, Spio came up with the idea for TSG Consulting while working for PanAmSat, a provider of commercial satellite and data services to the television industry.
Galaxy 17, which will handle television and telephone transmission over North America, will be operated by PanAmSat.
While there are commercial SATCOM providers which can be considered as US companies, such as PanAmSat and Loral's Skynet, the predominantly international nature of the industry severely hampers the US government's ability to influence it or to enter into agreements with it that are anything other than commercial in nature.
The space leased by Golf Digest involved subleases from two tenants--27,254 square feet of existing and unfinished space from PanAmSat Corporation and 18,382 square feet of space vacated by John W.
Satelital, a joint partnership between PanAmSat and Pegaso, is accusing Satmex of monopolistic practices, while Satmex, a wholly Mexican company, continues to demand equal treatment between local and foreign satellite companies.
(18320) Director of Taxation PanAmSat Corporation 20 Westport Road Wilton, CT 06897 (203) 210-8017 FAX: (203) 210-8011 E-Mail: Elliott, Robert S.