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Mid-life updates (MLU) for the Panavia Tornado IDS strike aircraft were exemplified by an Italian Air Force aircraft upgraded by Alenia Aeronautica.
The TRD in question was the BAE Systems (then MDS) Ariel, which has since been re-packaged into a Boz chaff/flare dispenser pod and also deployed on Panavia Tornado F.3 fighters.
The fatigue life of the RAF's upgraded Panavia Tornado GR4s is 33 percent higher, at 8,000 flying hours.
For example, because the Eurofighter Typhoon will not be available in significant numbers until 2006 or later, the Italian Air Force leased 24 ex-RAF Panavia Tornado F3s from Britain, and is now replacing them with 34 Amraam-operable F-16A/B ADFs, which will be retained until 2010.
The Israeli company confirms the development of smaller, lighter versions of its current designs, which are carried by manned fighters such as the Eurofighter Typhoon, Lockheed Martin F-16 and Panavia Tornado, but declines to provide further details.
Old fighters such as the Boeing F-15C Eagle and Panavia Tornado F3 are being retrofitted with them but on new build fighters, such as Eurofighter Typhoon, they come as standard.
Duncan Young, director of marketing at DY 4 Systems, sees the Panavia Tornado as a good example of this.
Saab Avitronics has received a contract of undisclosed value to provide a variant of its BOZ Enhanced Capability (EC) countermeasures dispenser pod for the Italian air force[sup.1]s Panavia Tornado fleet.
The RSAF is in many respects the best equipped in the Middle East, its inventory including five Boeing E-3 Sentry Awacs, approximately 90 Panavia Tornado strike/reconnaissance aircraft, 115 Boeing F-15C/Ds and 72 F-15S strike fighters (some of which are yet to be delivered).
On location at White Waltham Airfield, the film was shot imaginatively using several aircraft including a Panavia Tornado combat aircraft and a world War Two Hawker Hurricane.
But while the engines might have been removed and the missiles are just replicas, to 53-year-old bottled water distributor Stephen his gunmetal grey Panavia Tornado is the real deal.
GKN has extensive military aerospace involvement, including Lockheed Martin (F-35 Lightning II (JSF), F-22 Raptor), Boeing (F-15 Eagle, F/A-18 Hornet, AV-8B Harrier II), Eurofighter (Typhoon), Panavia (Tornado), Saab (JAS-39 Gripen F35) and its RM12 engines, and the new B21.