PANBProvincial Archives of New Brunswick (Canada)
PANBParamedic Association of New Brunswick (Canada)
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(225) PANB, RS 108, Land Petitions Series, 1833, W.E.
Please note that one "Awg Awang bin Dollah" was appointed BEM (BGG 25.6.1960:114) and PaNB (BGG 12.10.1963:237).
PaNB The Most Faithful Order of Perwira Brunei, second class (CO 985/26:319).
(113) Not to be confused with PANB, Perwira Agong Negara Brunei, Grand Hero of the State of Brunei.
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The PCs received 48.4% of the vote, Liberals 34.2% of the vote, the NDP 10.3%, the PVNBGP, 4.5%, and the PANB, 1.2%.