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PANDIProtection and Indemnity (ship owners insurance mutual)
PANDIPrinters and Digital Imaging (HP)
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NEW HOMES Families who took over idle units at a government housing project in Pandi town, Bulacan province, enjoy their new neighborhood.
Kadamay national chairperson Gloria Arellano said they would not vacate the housing units they occupied in Pandi.
Based on the procedure, the Pandi Election Officer after receiving the resolution will publish the sufficiency of the recall petition and post in five public and conspicuous places in the local government units affected within 10-20 days for the purpose of examination, verification and validation of the petition and authenticity of the signatures.
Two weeks ago, the Left-wing Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap (Kadamay) descended on a partly-occupied housing community in Pandi, forcibly entering and occupying the houses and claiming the units for themselves.
The latest report pointed out that good risk selection and disciplined underwriting are both significant contributors to strong PandI results.
JBC (54) -- Pandi 15, Obar 8, Paclibar 7, Domingo 6, Padilla 6, Clarito 2, Olaivar 2, Gray 2, Mendegoria 2, Matos 2, Barrios 2.
All wounded personnel were shifted to Jinnah hospital for first aid, where Pandi Khan who was driving the vehicle succumbed to injuries.
As he persists, the storm by increments slackens -- as Pandi and Arabi briefly put aside pick and sticks in favor of the dials and knobs arrayed alongside their more conventional-looking instruments.
In March last year, members of Kadamay occupied 5,278 idle low-cost housing units in Pandi as a form of protest against what they called as slow and unproductive pace of the government's housing program.
A Vishal film obviously comes with loads of action, so look out for the climax scene with Rolex Pandi.
Pandi performed the product installations in all 40-network locations.
Urban poor group Kadamay will not leave the housing units it occupied in Pandi, Bulacan, amid reports that the National Housing Authority (NHA) plans to evict its members by relocating informal settlers to the houses they have claimed as their own.