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PANEPoverty Action Network Ethiopia
PANEPointer Associates of New England (dog breeding club)
PANEPeople Against Nuclear Energy
PANEPediatric Ambulance Need Evaluation (pediatrics)
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Possibly it was owing to her face being near to the pane that he saw her so quickly, and directed his horse so close to the cottage-front that his hoofs were almost upon the narrow border for plants growing under the wall.
She passed the paper knife over the window pane, then laid its smooth, cool surface to her cheek, and almost laughed aloud at the feeling of delight that all at once without cause came over her.
He turned his back, and the two panes were quickly covered with delicately lined oval spots, but visible only to such persons as could get a dark background for them--the foliage of a tree, outside, for instance.
A pane of glass out," continued the count, "a dark lantern, a bunch of false keys, a secretary half forced -- it is tolerably evident" --
Only a big fly buzzed and fluttered against the window pane.
I would have put my elbow through the pane instantly--crash.
And the two gas jets inside the panes were always turned low, either for economy's sake or for the sake of the customers.
I did," said I, dropping my voice, so that Leah, who was still polishing the panes, could not hear me, "and at first I thought it was Pilot: but Pilot cannot laugh; and I am certain I heard a laugh, and a strange one.
When the lights had been brought into the room all the panes had turned inky black; for the night had come and the garden was full of tall bushes and trees screening off the gas lamps of the main alley of the Prado.
The panes were rattling in the little windows and his groom was shaking him.
Now and then during the night horses had galloped at a smart pace over the Buytenhof, the heavy tramp of the patrols had resounded from the pavement, and the slow matches of the arquebuses, flaring in the east wind, had thrown up at intervals a sudden glare as far as to the panes of his window.
She was grinning in the dim light that drifted through dust- stained panes.