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PANELPyrenean-Alpine Network of Entrepreneurial Liaisons (European network)
PANELNickname for HQ USAF Programs
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Every few hundred yards, at particularly bad places, one came across a panel or so of plank fencing; but they were always old and weak, and they generally leaned out over the chasm and did not make any rash promises to hold up people who might need support.
John's long hair that waved; and anon the devilish face of Judas, that grew out of the panel, and seemed gathering life and threatening a revelation of the arch-traitor--of Satan himself--in his subordinate's form.
it was hard to remove my eyes from the dull mahogany front when I reflected that a simple panel divided me from the goal of my hopes; but I remembered my prudence and with an effort took leave of Miss Bordereau.
It was the strangest of all things that now when, by his taking ten steps and applying his hand to a latch, or even his shoulder and his knee, if necessary, to a panel, all the hunger of his prime need might have been met, his high curiosity crowned, his unrest assuaged - it was amazing, but it was also exquisite and rare, that insistence should have, at a touch, quite dropped from him.
The photograph is in a recess behind a sliding panel just above the right bell-pull.
They passed through the narrow passage in the front of the house until they came to the lodger's door at the back, and there Dr Hood, with the trick of an old detective, put his shoulder sharply to the panel and burst in the door.
He was still kneeling when his eyes, on a level with the lower panel of the door, caught a faint ray beneath it.
It was known that she had insisted on sending her own carpenter to look into the possibility of taking down the end panel of the front pew, and to measure the space between the seat and the front; but the result had been discouraging, and for one anxious day her family had watched her dallying with the plan of being wheeled up the nave in her enormous Bath chair and sitting enthroned in it at the foot of the chancel.
Then I sought feverishly for the secret of the revolving panel, but my search was fruitless, and I was about to raise my longsword against the sullen gold when the young woman prisoner called out to me.
But, try as he would, the panel would yield neither to cunning nor force, so that eventually he gave it up and turned to face me.
Quickly the girl entered, pulling De Conde after her, and as the panel swung quietly into place the Earl of Buckingham with a dozen men entered the apartment.
came the voice of the woman from beyond the thin panel.