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PANICParticles and Nuclei International Conference (triennial meeting)
PANICPreservation Webservices Architecture for Newmedia and Interactive Collections
PANICParents Against Negative Interventions by CYFS (Child Youth and Family Services; New Zealand)
PANICPhysics and Astronomy Network Infrastructure and Computing
PANICPeople Against Narcotics in the Community (Spanish Fork, UT)
PANICPeople Against National Identity Cards
PANICPeople Are Not in Control
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Now it was an optimistic opinion on the panic, a funny story, a serious business talk, or a straight take-it-or-leave-it blow from the shoulder.
And there was no answer from the blind walls, from the hall outside, nor from all the world, and, his moment of panic over, Cocky was his brave little self again.
One or two trains came in from Richmond, Putney, and Kingston, containing people who had gone out for a day's boating and found the locks closed and a feeling of panic in the air.
I was seized by the consequent panic, and went over the side in a surge of bodies.
Once he uttered a piercing call that reverberated through the jungle; but Tantor, in the panic of terror, either failed to hear, or hearing, dared not pause to heed.
The flight that ensued turned to a stampede, and the stampede to a panic.
Take, then, your tasselled aegis, and shake it furiously, so as to set the Achaean heroes in a panic; take, moreover, brave Hector, O Far-Darter, into your own care, and rouse him to deeds of daring, till the Achaeans are sent flying back to their ships and to the Hellespont.
At the village gates, through which the blacks poured in panic, Korak left them to the tender mercies of his allies and turned himself eagerly toward the hut in which Meriem had been a prisoner.
To be fair to those others, I think that the first wild panic was subsiding even then; at least there was a lull, and even a reaction in the right direction on the part of the males in the second class and steerage.
At the conclusion of one such panic, when he and Henry had got the dogs back in the traces, Bill said:
He was in a panic of superstitious fear, and I am afraid the panic may spread.
There was panic on every side, and dying people in all the bungalows.