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The Keshgarh Sahib Gurudwara marks the location where Guru Gobind Singh baptised the Panj Pyaras and proclaimed the tenets of the Khalsa.
It snakes its way through a series of valleys and follows the path of the river Panj below, which acts as a border between Afghanistan and Tajikistan.
Wakhan is an ancient pass leading to China form Eshkashem along Panj and Pamir Rivers; which had been used as an ancient route from west to link with Silk Route via China since the Marco Polo's time.
From these refugia in the southern Turanian lowlands, post-glacial colonization likely followed the Amu- Panj River system, which consists of vast alluvial plains, reaching to northern Afghanistan and adjacent areas, and thus, paralleling dispersal events of the dice snake suggested for regions west and north of the Caspian Sea (Guicking et al.
If smugglers are unable to use official border crossing points (BCPs), they must cross the Panj River from Afghanistan on rafts, or they simply wade across in areas where the water level is low.
The Panj river denotes the northern boundary of Afghan Darwaz and also marks the border to Tajikistan.
Around 8 pm last night two missiles hit the warehouse of a US logistic firm in a district called Panj Qale'," the commander in charge of security in Bagram region, Parwan province, Zomri Nasseri, told Afghanistan's Pejvak news agency on Saturday.
Khorog sits on the Panj River, and Afghanistan is right across the water.
They were all taking part in exercise Panj Sheer which was designed to make them think on their feet and work closely together on varied challenges.
The word Punjab is a combination of two Persian words Panj (Five) and ?
IRSA has also suggested constructing a dam near Chitral over Panj Khora River.