PANOPSIProfessional Adminstrators of New Orleans Public Schools, Inc.
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Following the terminations, PANOPSI filed a lawsuit in Civil District Court alleging that the employees were wrongfully terminated in violation of their rights.
In addition to the court challenge, PANOPSI will fight for lawmakers in the upcoming Legislative Session to revise the State's takeover law (La.
In addition, the union has set up a blog in which PANOPSI members with access to a computer may receive news about aid programs available to them, as well as communicate with their colleagues, and obtain updates on their colleagues.
Characteristic species: Berberis beauverdiana, Brachyotum andreanum, Brachyotum confertum, Brachyotum fraternum, Geissanthus vanderwerffii, Gynoxys cuicochensis, Gynoxys mucronata, Hedyosmum scabrum, Hyeronima duquei, Hypericum decandrum, Ilex rimbachii, Miconia bullata, Oreocallis mucronata, Panopsis ferruginea, Persea bullata, Pitcairnia trianae, Ribes ecuadorense, Schefflera acuminata.
The camera offers the same features as other models in the P55 Series, but its unique dual-lens, Panopsis design brings a whole new level of monitoring capabilities to security personnel and business owners.
Trigo Zea mays Maiz Podocarpaceae Podocarpus oleifolius Pino colombiano Retrophyllum Pino romeron rospigliosii Polygalaceae Monnina aestuans Tintillo, anil Monnina fastigiata Polygonaceae Rumex acetosella Lengua de vaca Muehlenbeckia Mollantin tamnifolia Primulaceae Myrsine guianensis Cucharo Proteaceae Panopsis suaveolens Yolombo Roupala pachypoda Tacasco, Fiambre Pteridaceae Pityrogramma Helechillo X calomelanos Rhamnaceae Frangula sphaerosperma Jigua, uvo, cabo de hacha Rosaceae Prunus falcata Crespo Prunus huantensis Sacha mate Prunus persica Durazno Rubus adenotrichos Mora silvestre Rubus eriocarpus Mora Rubus glabratus Mora Rubus rosifolius Mora, zarzamora Rubus roseus Mora Rubus urticifolius Mora Rubus sp.
4288) 7/7/95 Oreopanax xalapensis Araliaceae 7/7/95 Oreopanax xalapensis Araliaceae 5/21/98 Ormosia cruenta Rudd (471) Fabaceae (Papilionoideae) 5/20/97 Panopsis suaveolens (Klotzsch Proteaceae & H.