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PANTEXPanhandle, Texas (weapons plant)
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2 trillion rejuvenation of its nuclear arsenal will pass through the Pantex Plant in the Amarillo area.
com) * Pantex Plant -- Hiroshima exhibit, panel discussion.
Pantex, I learned in time, was the final assembly and disassembly plant for all nuclear warheads produced in the United States.
and the Pantex Plant, near Amarillo, Texas, to build the system.
We thank Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the United States Geological Survey Texas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research unit, the united states Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration in cooperation with B&W Pantex and Texas Tech University for providing funding for this project.
En las instalaciones de Pantex Plant, en Amarillo, Texas, donde se ejerce tuicion sobre los desechos, se retiran los mecanismos explosivos.
60) There are also observers from the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and three nuclear weapon plants (Kansas City, Pantex, and Y-12).
NNSA's preferred action is to establish a number of "distributed centers of excellence" at sites within the existing nuclear weapons complex, including the Los Alamos National Laboratory for plutonium capabilities, the Y-12 Plant for uranium capabilities, and the Pantex Plant for weapons assembly, disassembly, and high explosives manufacturing.
There's the Pantex nuclear assembly plant in Amarillo, Texas, home of P-47, and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in northern Minnesota, where you'll find P-204, P-205 and P-206.
As the report by Overskei's task force dryly put it, "Currently, the [Livermore], [Los Alamos], Y-12, and Pantex sites are sufficiently close to residential and commercial structures such that any partially successful terrorist attack on these sites may cause collateral damage to the surrounding civilian population and associated public and private assets.
Remediation of Contaminated Sites -- Reese AFB, Pantex, oil field brine sites, oil pipeline leaks, underground storage tanks and others
There's the Pantex plant, producing nuclear weapons.