PAOIPatriarch Athenagoras Orthodox Institute (Berkeley, CA)
PAOIPeak Acid Output after Insulin (gastroenterology)
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We carried out this study in the light of this new information aiming at investigating the relationship between the D-dimer and IMA and radiological imaging-based severity scores utilizing the PAOI and the RV/LV ratio in acute pulmonary embolism.
After spiral CT examination, PAOI and the RV/LV ratio were calculated.
1A and 1B show sagittal and transverse sections from one of the patients we used in calculating PAOI, and Fig.
Analysis of PAOI and RV/LV data revealed a positive correlation between them (r=0.6, p=0.0001).
We classified severity of PE on the basis of PAOI as mild (<40%), moderate (40-60%) or severe (>60%).
We determined higher IMA levels with increasing PAOI. In addition, there was no significant correlation between IMA and RV/LV ratios and PAOI.
In order to determine the CT obstruction index (PAOI), the arterial tree of each lung was regarded as having 10 segmental arteries (three belonging to the upper lobe, two to the middle lobe and to the lingual, and five to the lower lobe).
(18) showed that PE patients with higher PAOI levels also have higher D-dimer values.