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It opens with the haunting traditional Irish song Don oiche ud i mBeithil (I Sing of a Night in Bethlehem) in an arrangement by Papagena's co-director Suzzie Vango.
She was again Queen of the Night in "The Magic Flute in the Subway," the underground 2008 production in Berlin (she also alternated with the role of Papagena).
AndrewpelisTell us your recollections of Sinndar on SINNDAR bay colt, born February 27, 1997 Pedigree Danzig Chief's Crown Six Crowns Grand Lodge (b 1991) Habitat La Papagena Magic Flute Mill Reef Lashkari Larannda Sinntara (b 1989) Top Ville Sidama Stoyana Bred by H.H.
Tenor Raphael Bremard makes the villainous Monostatos much less a caricature than usual, and soprano Dima Bawab is a charming, light-voiced Papagena, the bird catcher's soul mate.
"You have all the fun elements with Papageno and Papagena but also the more elevated elements, too.
(Naturally, there eventually would be a Papagena, too ...
Dunn's Papagena in the role conceived for Papageno, the hapless everyman who suffers the inscrutable trials of the Masonic priesthood.
Tamino Joseph Kaiser Pamina Amy Carson Papageno Benjamin Jay Davis Papagena Silvia Moi Sarastro Rene Pape Queen of the Night Lyubov Petrova Monostatos Tom Randle Old Papagena Liz Smith Three Ladies Teuta Koco, Louise Callinan, Kim-Marie Woodhouse
(an as yet) unregenerate humanity--like the Papageno and Papagena of
Uncannily she appears: an ill-favoured old crone who is transformed into fresh young Papagena once he engages to marry her.