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The Papans bought the property for $599,000 in May 2015 from Robert and Anne McCarley.
The tools to cut down trees or obtain planks (ngamad papan) were the hatchet, described by Hose as a "small springy-hafted axe" (17) (penad) which was exclusively used before the stronger and easier to handle modern axe (kapak) was available.
On the Sudan side, they inhabit the villages of Damo ( Dahmoh), Gondollo, Cape, Hilla Jadid, Bogida, Dash, Bulu Bulu, Belatuma (not to be confused with the Uduk village of the same name), Labatz, Musa Ollo, Lakai, Gwasha, Papan, Duga Belle (or Tugubele), Tukul Ha'a, Mushura, Darsuma (Darsoma), Namu, Hilla Ful, and Boto Ka'a (Hofmeister 2009).
The topper in the class 12 examination was bagged by Arkya Chatterjee from Kolkata who scored 99.75 per cent while in the class 10 examination this year, the top position was shared by three students -- Sougata Chowdhury from Kolkata, Ananya Harshad Patwardhan and Tezan Papan Sahu from Mumbai.
The top position in Class X result was shared by three students -- Sougata Chowdhury from St Xavier's Collegiate School, Kolkata; Ananya Harshad Patwardhan, Chatrabhuj Narsee Memorial School, Mumbai; and Tezan Papan Sahu of St Mary's ICSE School, Navi Mumbai.
Study work has been worked out at the cost of million of rupees in respect of water reservoirs including Tank Zam dam, Garok dam, Ghabar dam, Papan dam, Paler dam, Nowling dam, Bara dam, Warand dam, Munda dam, Chiniot dam and others but the projects stand confined to file works.
The third set of analyses explored the relative weight of risk characteristics to predict the overall perceived risk of each hazard; demographic and occupational variables, which previous studies had related to risk perception in the workplace, were included (Alexopoulos, Kavadi, Bakoyannis, & Papan tonopoulos, 2009; Jovic-Vranes, Jankovic, Vukovic, Vranes, & Miljus, 2006; Kobbeltvedt et al., 2004).
A FARMER was hacked dead by his neighbor in barangay Papan, Sibonga town, southern Cebu.
The areas covered include Menglembu, Lahat, Papan, Pusing, Siputeh, Tronoh, Batu Gajah, Kampar, Tapah and Tanjong Tualang in the south.
Military canons fired 21 shots as a cleric recited holy verses when the body was lowered to the grave where Rahman's son Nazmul Hassan Papan MP laid him to rest three days after his death at a Singapore hospital aged 85.
To learn more about this seeming contradiction, researchers Andrea Papan and Babara Clow of the Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women's Health conducted focus groups with 27 women in New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island who self-identified as food insecure and were overweight or obese.
From Gua Musang, I drove along a hilly road, passing through Batu Papan, Batu Tongkat and reached the old Pulai.